Communication and the Sacred Orb

I understand what you're trying to do GGG but I feel if the orb is 3x rarer than an exalt, literally no one will use them except for on expensive, perfect rolled uniques. I mean, if you're going to craft an end game rare, you will just start with a perfect rolled one. If you use a unique, you'll just buy a perfect rolled defense stat one and then divine the rest of the stats till they're perfect, or close to it. I don't think there's going to be anyone using this orb if its that rare. I can't think of a case where I would be forced to upgrade an end game piece of gear with this orb because I'd never start crafting and end game rare item with anything less than a perfect roll on the defense stat. If I were in your shoes I'd consider just making the blessed orb change this stat as well.
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It's far more interesting if you have the opportunity to spot a good base type to craft with, rather than them all being exactly the same...

Far more expensive...
Two-handed - Mop
Dual Wield - Slippers
One-handed & Shield (close combat) - Brush & Basin
One-handed & Shield (ranged) - Hair Dryer & Mirror
Main-hand & Off-hand (evil witch) - Sponge & Soap
Boost the base defenses of the gear or don't this overly complex solution of drops ranging 0-10 or 20 is pointless and not asked for. Fix the random one shots and I am good.
There is just no reason for the armor modifier to exist. Do you want more defenses from a crafting base, Chris? THEN ADD THEM DIRECTLY. There is NO need to add EVEN MORE layers of RNG BS to a game that is actively losing players to RNG BS. RNG BS is one of THE top reasons players cite for LEAVING, Chris! Adding MORE, and then, atop that, adding EVEN more? That's NOT going to make people happy, Chris.

First we need a base of the right Ilvl
Then the right basetype
Then the 6ling, which has been too expensive for literal years now
Then the crafting, in which we get to deal with tier after tier and roll after roll of complete garbage we don't want. Why are there so many tiers that can roll on these high end bases? Because RNG!

Now you want to either make the base we need even HARDER to get... Or cause us to spend and insanely expensive orb to 'fix' it. Crafting is already insanely RNG dependent, expensive, and so complicated that 99% of the playerbase couldn't craft a GG item without an outside tool open.

If you want to add complexity to the game (Despite it already being heftily complex), then add actual options, choices, as you already do. This is not choice. There's no reason to CHOOSE to have an objectively worse item, Chris.

And that's all you're doing here. You're making it harder to get a good basetype, and making all the basetypes that get a 'bad' roll unusable. Now, instead of all Ilvl 84 Vaal Regalias being good... Maybe a tenth of them have the max roll? Maybe worse? How bad is the rolling here, Chris? All you've done is made clear that those not-perfectly-rolled bases simply shouldn't be used, as they are objectively, factually, worse than a perfectly rolled base. And if you're already going through the brain mangling RNG lottery that is self-crafting.... There's just no reason to do it on an already 'bad' base.

- Sheepster
HDTanel wrote:
Cant wait to never find one and then spend a fortune on ONE and it improving defences by 1 :)

No no.... To have it REDUCE defense to minimum, because of course it's great to spend a week or more worth's of progress to make your build objectively worse, right?

- Sheepster
Dear Chris. I watched all your recent videos you made with the streamers. the subject of "chase items" was tackled many times. That orb is not a chase item.
RubikMonat wrote:
Innomen wrote:
This changes nothing. the real game is still outside gameplay. It's trade and third party exploitation, either streaming or discord or some other outside party/guild organization.

Nerfing auras will just make that number of elite cooperatives and system exploiters more rich and more rare.

This game is becoming just a boring satire of what ignorant people think the real world is like.

All the core problems with poe remain. Chief among which is a complete lack of reason to trust the dev team.

You talk about transparency but still no damage log. And so much is done behind the veil of server side calculation that it's simply foolish to trust the word of the dev team about anything.

Every league is the same, and standard is frozen. A handful of professionals blast to lvl 100 in a matter of days and everyone else just serves them directly or indirectly by wage slaving through low content and selling stuff they'll buy in bulk to exploit some mechanic or market imbalance.

It's growing intolerable to play and sell knowing my wealth will simply flow upward to some wallstreet type "earning" more on the market in a day then I could playing for 5 years.

It's insulting and disgusting and there's clearly no reason to expect that's gonna change.

I'm sure I'll still play, try out a build, slog around in scrubcore mode because I refuse to sign up for one of the actual soul crushing paths to late content, but I won't be spending money, and I'll be constantly hoping I can find some satisfactory replacement.

Poe feels like a dented can of spinach in the apocalypse. I'm grateful to have it, but it's a miserable meal none the less.

Until trade, speed running, meta chasing, and streaming are nerfed, the game will essentially be casino like in it's newb trapiness and I will never recommend it to anyone I care about.

All the rest is just claptrap and glitter meant to distract us from the perpetual core betrayal of selling out to a gigacorp and never lowering prices.

The tightest bind I have to this game is dead friends, old memories, and no real alternatives.

GGG doesn't deserve the honor of hosting their names in my friendlist. And it's disgraceful what a monument to greed this company has become.

Let me guess, deleted for "needless negativity." Probation or dogpiled by zealous fans in 3... 2... 1...

very well put, they are balancing for streamers again. The first defensive buff we need is a death log, not another variable, and doing nothing about the loot clutter that causes an uneven playing field for the IRL poorer people who cant afford a beast machine to render piles of garbage.

I agree with the OP on most points, except that they are not catering to the streamers, but to the top 1%, some of which are streamers. GGG does not care about the players that cannot devote their lives and soles to the game. All they care about is the almighty RNGESUS. I started back in Blight league when someone like myself that had maybe 20 hours a week available to play could handle most endgame content. As the leagues progressed that has become nothing but a pipe dream as the top 1% and Reddit whiners were heard. Nothing was considered for the casual players, nothing was considered for those who have a full time job, family and other responsibilities that loved to play this game. I am seriously regretting the few thousand hours and hundreds of dollars given to this game as it has become nothing but a dumpster fire that only those that have no life can play completely. I doubt you will see me playing PoE anymore. I just wish I could get all that money back I spent on cosmetics and stash tabs.
Just checked my calendar and it's not April.
The Sacred Orb is more than three times rarer than an Exalted Orb...

Skipped the rest because it's obviously irrelevant to me. Rich player crafting only. So long as the uber-wealthy have something to chase that's fine, I have no issue with that.

Now, if it comes at the expense of improving the game for the ordinary player I'll be less than impressed but only the patch notes and actual play experience will confirm that.

So far what I've observed is a lot of needless complexity to try and solve player problems so I'm not very optimistic that this league will be any better. I really hope to be surprised though.
why so rare?

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