Communication and the Sacred Orb

EratheiL wrote:
Stop selling us rainbows at the price of your MTX. Fun fact:An armor MTX can get to 84 bucks which is more than a normal priced game.

Any askers?
Use these currency challenge: sacred orb.
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Jerle wrote:
Use these currency challenge: sacred orb.

Haha! Well done.

Also, all this really means is that it will be far easier to just have neversink identify your high rolls and fuck all with this orb.

Edit: or I suppose this appeals to the .05% of players that want a perfect Shavs or something.
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I dont think that adding drops or content that the average joe has exactly 0% chance of exploring is really worth it.

Please try to convince me to install POE again, because I must have missed the announcement so far, where you truly improve the game for people like me that do play your game and not spend hours in trade or third party websites.

Thanks Chris, while I agree with Sacred Orb's function with respect to unique items (but even so people care more about maximizing offence than defense power), for crafted items, I think it might push people the other way which is to start with a perfected base before crafting.

I can imagine using Sacred Orb's on rares, but that would mean the value of the item must exceed say (in an extreme case) 60ex (the expected value of Sacred Orb needed to hit 20%). Otherwise, I would use the 60ex to craft the item on a perfect base instead. Unfortunately, I think very few people will have the opportunity to use it.
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At that rarity doubt I will get one to drop with the amount I usually play, took this league off. Imagine trying to get multiple to drop so you could quality all your armor set? sounds like just instant sell and collect whatever chaos or exalt it goes for, I wouldn't want to use it and make my item worse.

But hey the multiple mirror guys can have an additional chase item now at least, we need chase items in this game badly.
Innomen wrote:
This changes nothing. the real game is still outside gameplay. It's trade and third party exploitation, either streaming or discord or some other outside party/guild organization.

Nerfing auras will just make that number of elite cooperatives and system exploiters more rich and more rare.

This game is becoming just a boring satire of what ignorant people think the real world is like.

All the core problems with poe remain. Chief among which is a complete lack of reason to trust the dev team.

You talk about transparency but still no damage log. And so much is done behind the veil of server side calculation that it's simply foolish to trust the word of the dev team about anything.

Every league is the same, and standard is frozen. A handful of professionals blast to lvl 100 in a matter of days and everyone else just serves them directly or indirectly by wage slaving through low content and selling stuff they'll buy in bulk to exploit some mechanic or market imbalance.

It's growing intolerable to play and sell knowing my wealth will simply flow upward to some wallstreet type "earning" more on the market in a day then I could playing for 5 years.

It's insulting and disgusting and there's clearly no reason to expect that's gonna change.

I'm sure I'll still play, try out a build, slog around in scrubcore mode because I refuse to sign up for one of the actual soul crushing paths to late content, but I won't be spending money, and I'll be constantly hoping I can find some satisfactory replacement.

Poe feels like a dented can of spinach in the apocalypse. I'm grateful to have it, but it's a miserable meal none the less.

Until trade, speed running, meta chasing, and streaming are nerfed, the game will essentially be casino like in it's newb trapiness and I will never recommend it to anyone I care about.

All the rest is just claptrap and glitter meant to distract us from the perpetual core betrayal of selling out to a gigacorp and never lowering prices.

The tightest bind I have to this game is dead friends, old memories, and no real alternatives.

GGG doesn't deserve the honor of hosting their names in my friendlist. And it's disgraceful what a monument to greed this company has become.

Let me guess, deleted for "needless negativity." Probation or dogpiled by zealous fans in 3... 2... 1...

very well put, they are balancing for streamers again. The first defensive buff we need is a death log, not another variable, and doing nothing about the loot clutter that causes an uneven playing field for the IRL poorer people who cant afford a beast machine to render piles of garbage.
Cant wait to never find one and then spend a fortune on ONE and it improving defences by 1 :)
Yeah, guess i'm out. Just wish i haven't bought this supporter pack...
Innomen wrote:
...Let me guess, deleted for "needless negativity." Probation or dogpiled by zealous fans in 3... 2... 1...

Nah man, they don't need to read your post to delete it for needless negativity, they can just read your forum signature. There's so much hatred and hyperbole in your post that I'm not even going to let it repeat in mine.

Now to say something on topic: Variations in the defenses for item drops is dumb and is better scrapped or saved for PoE2 when there are no more sockets and links axis for items. Creating another orb that people have to make room for and hoard forever is also dumb. I understand it won't matter to most people, but it seems like a lot of work was put into something that is leaving everyone outside of GGG scratching their heads.

I'm still playing either way. It's just puzzling as to why this is needed. The only relevant answer is that "it's a slight buff to defense if you want to take it that far" makes us just wonder again: why bother? It feels like something that would belong in the Hard Mode or in an older ARPG.

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