Path of Exile: Scourge Teasers

There we go, at least some positive being brought to the game in the midst of all the overkill nerfs. We can now stack scarabs, sac frags, incubators, and other similar items. About time. Good QoL addition, Thanks
People's logic on here:
"Can't form a valid argument? Easy, stalk the person's profile instead and attack their character.
Don't like or can't handle someone's opinion? Easy, label it as “toxic”."
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Even in alternate reality inventory painfully small... At least Sacrifice fragments stack, after 7 YEARS...
I can FLY!
So far so good. But we demand even more :D
That's kind of the problem though, isn't it? If the solution to a problem in the endgame is "just don't play it then" or "just only run builds that don't have to worry about map mods" then the devs have created a situation where players either just...don't have any reasonable access to the new endgame content, or all players have to run 3 or 4 "meta" builds that trivialize any potential map mods, which takes any actual challenge out of the new endgame content.

So after three months of waiting you're left with no new endgame content via prohibitively expensive gambling on mods, or no new endgame content via playing a build you might not like that nullifies everything that was meant to be new.

In the end that forces homogeneity in builds--which is the opposite of what GGG claims to have been working towards--and creates a situation where, no matter how cool the new endgame content is in theory, there's no way to really get excited about it because its inaccessible, for all intents and purposes.
Imagine an alternate reality where you ever dropped a voices
Amazing quality of life improvements! I don't mind more cards. Looking at some comments, it seems that they are just nitpicking things to be mad about (looking at ppl who snapped when they saw new cards) and refusing to acknowledge good changes when they are there.

Hope these changes are here to stay. Gg ggg!
Only the dead have seen the end of war.
Ranger starting passive nodes are on the move!
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holy holy..
game is so hard.
Yes. It's very hard. Find satisfaction in incremental improvements. Learn not to measure personal success against the success of others. FOMO etc. You can always look for something you find more enjoyable.

Personally I'm loving the balance direction of the upcoming league, this one wasn't so great, a little bit uneven with sense of progress, feeling rather flat in early red maps.
69 420 LMFAOO NICE!!

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