Path of Exile: Scourge Teasers

beaniac wrote:
I fully support adding more elevated influenced items to the game. Just don't give me a terrible base if I spend the cash on acquiring this card.

^^^ exactly the problem with these "teaser" cards. this is going to be super exclusive, and ends up just being RMT fodder like the person quoted just mentioned. It's sad.

This is likely to be another non-MTX/support pack league for me too. The character to build another character nonsense is really lame.

but Chris Wilson and team GGG, by all means continue to erode the player base. You'll eventually get EXACTLY what you wanted as communicated with 3.15: a super tough, unplayable undesired grind game with 10% of the player pool you had in 3.15.
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Inspired by a 'Dream Catchers' - I like the idea behind it. It also enables new way of reaching end-game items, which could be good for economy.
This card will give noneta builds a lot of room for improvement. Having acces to more elevated mods except tailwind, ellusive, crit and more crit is gonna be super good
and the thing is, I suspect this card will only drop from Maven and not in the general pool of div card drops.
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as much i love teaser!!!! a DIV card is just not a teaser in my world.
Soooo this will only drop in the lab? Based on the name
Oh, a new div card! POG, hyped, this league is gonna be awesome!

Err, wait..
The new tier of breachstone will for sure be an avenue for pushing level 100. That at least has been the pattern of players for every previous breachstone related buff/release.
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