Path of Exile: Scourge Teasers

looks fun but pls dont kill economy
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TreeOfDead wrote:
looks fun but pls dont kill economy

Economy is dead because no one is playing.

PoE is a SSFHC streamer game now.

Have fun!
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- Abraham Lincoln
For crying out loud, post that god damn balance manifesto so imcan go to bed 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚
fuxxnuts2 wrote:
beaniac wrote:
I fully support adding more elevated influenced items to the game. Just don't give me a terrible base if I spend the cash on acquiring this card.

^^^ exactly the problem with these "teaser" cards. this is going to be super exclusive, and ends up just being RMT fodder like the person quoted just mentioned. It's sad.

This is likely to be another non-MTX/support pack league for me too. The character to build another character nonsense is really lame.

but Chris Wilson and team GGG, by all means continue to erode the player base. You'll eventually get EXACTLY what you wanted as communicated with 3.15: a super tough, unplayable undesired grind game with 10% of the player pool you had in 3.15.

theoretically, there are games where you can have a late endgame and let everybody be a winner with moderate efforts.

they're called "single player games" where players who reached endgame and permafarm the latest boss have no chance to trivialise the game for others.
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
oh yes oh yes 2 new cards the league is saved!
nvm still a 0 build league
Looking forward to getting nailed fists from The Aspirant.
Great can't wait to see what else you have in store for 3.16!!
I love a good challenge so please don't stop the nerfs :)
Junk elevated item + Awakener Orb anyone?
I strongly recommend avoiding all tools that price check. There have been several reported bans for breaching the ToS, and I suspect this is the cause.
More RNG. That's fun right.
at this point a mobile RPG game is more exciting than looking at new divination cards as some sort of content update.

Poe 1 is practically dead game. It's just more of same shit over and over again.

Hope poe 2 will push game in new direction.

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