[3.16]❄️Eye of Winter Spellslinger Occultist | Boss Killer | T17+ Beyond Farmer | LL & 40+Block

Who am I
Hello,I’ve been playing PoE since the time when Act 3 Dominus was the last boss(5+ years ago) and there was also no loot filter.Those were the dark times :) After a couple of leagues passed with learning the game, i started creating my own builds.I always make solid builds which are also capable of farming high tier maps efficiently so you can farm good amount of currency.I make lots of builds and prepare video guides every league so check my youtube channel if you're interested.Link is down below.

I make lots of end game builds every league so check my channel if you want more solid builds.
Youtube profile:My youtube channel/Jaamon

My discord channel to discuss about PoE. You can also ask questions about my previous builds because i can't read comments all the time.Make sure you use the appropriate text channels.

More written guides

🎞️ Videos 🎞️

🧾 Build summary 🧾

This is a spellslinger build.Means that we are not actually casting any spells ourselves.Any skill that is attached to the spellslinger gets triggered whenever you attack with a wand skill.Using "Frenzy" as our wand skill which also generates frenzy charges so it provides us additional damage and attack speed.

The spells we use are Eye of Winter(EOW) and Hydrosphere.Eye of winter is a new skill that was added in 3.15 Expedition League. EOW is a cold skill that shoots a frozen ball and that balls goes forward shooting projectiles around. I'm also playing as "Critical strike" build so the beneficial stats for this build are;
Spell damage,Cold damage,Elemental damage,Critical strike multiplier,Critical strike chance,Projectile Damage

What does Hydrosphere do?

Our 2nd spellslinger setup has Hydrosphere.So whenever we use our Frenzy to trigger spells,we shoot EOW and Hydrosphere at the same time.Because EOW shoots projectiles as it goes forward, sometimes some of those projectiles can't hit the target.If they hit Hydrosphere, they will just chain directly to the nearby targets.So Hydrosphere plays a crucial role here.It helps with DPS especially at boss fights.

Wait, Eye of Winter doesn't have any chain!
We are using Snakepit unique ring on our right ring slot so it gives spell projectiles +1 chain.

One last thing about Spellslinger

Spellslinger works as if it is a buff or aura.So it reserves mana.The more support gems you link to the main skill(EOW or Hydrosphere for this build), the more mana you need to reserve.Higher level spellslinger has lower mana reservation so using a lvl 21 spellslinger helps you to reserve less mana.We also have some reserve nodes on the talent tree.
Whenever you trigger spells from spellslinger, you also spend mana.To counter this, we are using Replica Conqueror's Efficiency unique jewel(that reduces the cost of skills by 9) and also using a low level Clarity buff.So we have enough mana regeneration and can easily play without a mana flask.Problem solved ;)

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

+ Cold skill, freeze and chill everything , even map bosses and beyond bosses
+ Excellent juiced map farmer.Farms T17 %27+ Beyond&Nemesis maps
+ Good boss killer, All content viable
+ 40+ Attack and Spell block
+ Freeze/Chill/Stun Immune
- Requires you to play as low life energy shield to feel good, so you need some investment and core uniques.
- Most people struggle playing energy shield builds so it might not be your style.

👓 Gear and Explanations 👔

My gear

Gear explanation


We are using a rare wand.First of all, you need to use an Imbued wand because it has 1.5 base attack speed.Because we attack with a wand to trigger spells, we need a fast one.So make sure you buy an Imbued wand.
Good stats on your wand;
+1 to Level of all Cold Spell Skill Gems
+1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems
(X)% increased Spell Damage
Adds (X) to (Y) Cold Damage
Adds (X) to (Y) Cold Damage to Spells
+(X)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
(X)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells

If you're wondering why there is an attack mod on the list(adds cold damage),spellslinger gem actually has a speciality so any flat attack damage on your wand also gets added to your spell damage.Pretty neat huh? So you can also choose to get a wand with "Adds cold damage" and that'll work.Because flat attack damage has a higher value compared to "Add cold damage to spells", it is actually wiser to get a wand with "Adds cold damage"

If you want to craft your own wand, buy a fractured one with one of these stats above.Then use any appropriate essence until you hit a good one.That's how i crafted mine.
Useful essences;
Hatred->Add cold damage
Woe->Spell damage
Scorn->Critical chance for spells

You can also use Frigid fossils if you want. So you have a high chance to get cold modifiers.
In the end your wand should have;
+1 gem level(cold or spell)
Flat cold damage(Attack is better)
Spell damage(40%+)
Crit multiplier
Luxury: Critical strike chance for spells

Off hand-Shield

Prism guardian unique shield.Let's you reserve lots of buffs from your life.This is a low life build so we don't need any life at all.Put your auras in this shield.Details are in gem section.


Crown of the Inward eye is a drop from Sirus the Awakener.It's a common drop so it's easy to buy this even at a fresh league.This helmet provides some interesting bonuses.
"Transfiguration of Soul: Increases and Reductions to Maximum Energy Shield also apply to Spell Damage at 30% of their value
Transfiguration of Body: Increases and Reductions to Maximum Life also apply to Attack Damage at 30% of their value
Transfiguration of Mind: Increases and Reductions to Maximum Mana also apply to Damage at 30% of their value"

Because this is a helmet, make sure you buy one(once it is on the market) with a lab enchant.The best enchant for this build is "Skills Supported by Spellslinger have 30% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate". This lowers the cooldown on spellslinger so you can trigger more EOW for more dps.

Body Armour

This is one the core items for this build.Without this body armour, you cannot play as low life.Because normally chaos damage bypasses energy shield in this game.We are playing as low life so if you don't use this chest, whenever you get hit by chaos damage,you'll just die instantly because we have like 100 health left with the auras we reserve.That's why do not try to play this build without this body armour :D


This is another drop from Sirus the awakener.You can actually use Vaal orb on these gloves until it bricks into yellow(rare) item.These have "Can have up to 5 Implicit Modifiers while Item has this Modifier"
That's why it is possible to get more than one implicit on these gloves.So you may want to invest more later on and get a double/triple one.Good implicits for this build;
Elemental weakness curse
+1 Maximum Frenzy charges
+X Spell Critical Strike Chance
Get at least one with elemental weakness curse.Later on, spend more to get at least 1 more modifier.


Boots are actually a luxury upgrade.Until you finish the rest of your gear,simply use a boots with 20+movement speed,resists and good energy shield(150+ is very good)
Later on if you want to min-max the build, here's what i use.A boots with
Cooldown recovery rate(Crusader or Shaper influence)-> More spellslinger triggers
Tailwind(Hunter)->Provides action speed(attack,cast,movement speed and more)
If you want to craft these on your own, use Awakener's orb on 2 different boots(one with cooldown recovery rate,other one with tailwind).I also have a guide on how to use Awakener's orb in my channel so you can watch that.The example is different but once you understand how it works, you can follow the same method on any gear piece.

Left ring slot: Rare ring

Good stats;
Energy shield
Increased maximum energy shield(expensive)
STR(You need some)

Right ring slot:Snakepit

This is a unique ring that gives projectile spells +1 chain.That's how our EOW chains from Hydrosphere to the boss.Very important item for this build.You have to equip this ring on your right ring slot otherwise it won't provide you +1 chain, don't make that mistake :D


Another core item for low life builds.
Grants stun immunity, 60 chaos res and also converts some of our life to energy shield.We don't need life anyways so this gives us huge energy shield.One of the most broken items in the game and still lives up to this day.
Don't forget to annoint your amulet with blight oils.I picked Assassination because it provides good dps.(Black+Opalescent+Golden Oil)
Go for something else if you have anything in your mind.


Crystal belts have energy shield implicit so they are nice for more defence.
Good stats;
Energy shield
Increased maximum energy shield(expensive)
Spell damage during flask effect
Cooldown recovery rate(Luxury stat)

Some of the unique jewels we use requires a specific jewel slot so do NOT put them in wrong sockets.Check path of building so you don't make any mistakes.

Transcendant Flesh

Provides huge critical multiplier depending on the strength in the radius.Using this jewel on left side of templar starting area.

Energy From Within

Converts life nodes to energy shield in the radius.Good for more energy shield.

Thread of hope(Large variant)

Let's us pick passives on the tree without going there.You can only get the passives that are inside the blue zone that Thread of hope marks on the talent tree.

Replica Conqueror's Efficiency

-9 Total mana cost to skills, let us sustain our mana without using mana flask.

Watcher's Eye

Get one depending on your budget.Discpline mods provides more defence, Hatred mods provides dps.Try to get double or triple mods that work for this build depending on your budget.
Discipline-> +(20-30) Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Discipline
Discipline-> +(5-8)% Chance to Block Spell Damage while affected by Discipline
Hatred-> +(1.2-1.8)% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred
Hatred-> Damage Penetrates (10-15)% Cold Resistance while affected by Hatred
Hatred-> (40-60)% increased Cold Damage while affected by Hatred
Hatred-> Adds (58-70) to (88-104) Cold Damage while affected by Hatred

Inspired Learning

This character is excellent for juiced map farming(beyond,nemesis) so this jewel makes it way easier.In path of building, i made a seperate talent tree using this jewel so check that out.
Inspired learning is a mini Headhunter that steals a modifier from a rare monster once you kill it.And these different buffs actually stack so you can have dozens of buffs on you while doing juiced maps.Definitely check it out if you want to farm those kind of maps.
Cluster jewels

Large cluster(8 points), Medium(4-5 it doesn't matter), Small (2 points)

I picked defensive notables for large cluster so the character becomes tankier.Got lots of block from those notables.
Medium clusters are for additional dps.Projectile,critical strike chance or curse clusters are all good options.You can use different clusters if you know anything better.Just craft them in POB and test yourself.It's easy <3
Small cluster is for additional energy shield.(provides +100 which is huge)
Try to put missing resistances or attributes on your clusters.(example: small passives provide +5 cold resist, +4 int etc.)

💎 Gem links 💎

Body armour: Eye of Winter (6-linked)

Spellslinger - Eye of Winter - Increased Critical Strikes Inspiration - Added Cold Damage - Cold Penetration

Boots: Hydrosphere (4-linked)

Spellslinger - Hydrosphere - Power Charge On Crit - Onslaught

Wand: Frenzy (3-linked)

Frenzy - Faster Attacks - Culling Strike
Using "Barrage support" instead of "Culling Strike" actually provides more dps.But it doesn't worth using it while mapping.Consider swapping to it if you want more dps at bosses.

Shield : Buffs&Auras (3-linked)

Hatred - Vaal Discipline - Zealotry
Press Vaal Discipline if your energy shield gets below %30 or so.It helps you recover it easier.

Helmet: Read here carefully

We will use different setups so do not link everything together.

2-linked: Clarity - Arrogance

1 socket: Herald of Ice Do NOT link this to Arrogance by mistake.

1 socket: Sniper's Mark
Sniper's Mark is one of our curses.Other one is Elemental weakness on our gloves.Use this on big bosses or map bosses.You need to cast this yourself so don't bother with it on weaker targets.

Gloves (Different setups so links may change)

1-socket: Immortal Call
Put this on your left mouse button so you use it without doing anything special.Immortal Call gives us a short buff that provides mitigation.It also helps us to activate the spell block from "Conjured Wall" Large cluster passive.
Mobility setup (Pick one)

Flame Dash - Arcane Surge

- Lightning Warp - Faster Casting - Less Duration
Which mobility skill to use?
Lightning warp is actually way better after the cooldown nerfs in 3.15 patch.But it sucks at beyond maps and some boss fights.If you want to map mostly with this character(no beyond farming), I recommend Lightning Warp.But some people don't like Lightning Warp so go ahead and play with Flame dash if you want.Flame dash is better for quick dodging and clears Vines(nemesis monster debuff) so better at beyond farming and most boss fights.

🍸 Flasks 🧃

!!! Important Note: You need to craft some ailment/curse remove mods on your flasks.It doesn't matter where you put them, but make sure you have them.You need Staunching(bleed),Warding(Curse) and optional Dousing(Ignite).This character is freeze immune so you don't need that on your flasks.

Quicksilver flask for movement speed.

Diamond flask for additional critical strike chance.

Quartz flask for some dodge and phasing.Phasing lets you move through monsters and also Hydrosphere so you don't get body blocked.

Rumi's Concoction: Provides armour and block. A defensive option.

Bottled Faith: Lots of critical strike chance and also increases the damage to targets who stand on the consecrated ground.Still a very powerful flask even after the nerfs(in 3.15)
If you can't afford Bottled Faith yet,use Wise Oak,Atziri's Promise or a defensive flask like Jade.

💀 Bandit & Pantheons 💀

Help Alira so you get Mana regen,Crit multiplier and Resistances.
Just don't use Brine king because it is useless for this build.I mostly use Arakaali or Solaris.
Solaris is better for juiced map farming.
Abberath->Grants immunity against Burning ground effect.A must for energy shield builds.
Upgrade also lowers ignite duration on you which is also crucial.

⁉️ Ascendancy Order ⁉️

Normal lab:Void Beacon
Cruel lab:Frigid Wake
Merciless lab:Malediction
Uber lab:Profane Bloom

📋 Pastebin 📋

Make sure you are using LocalIdentity's Community Fork version.
Download link: https://pathofbuilding.community
Build Link: https://pastebin.com/XQHx9vzi

Contact me in my discord's appropriate channels or in game.Don't ask questions here, it is 2021 noone reads forum comments xD
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Nice build, giving this a go now.

With regards to the large cluster, we dont use Thaumophage, so is it possible to replace this with any other suffix notable or it be in a different position on the jewel?
Re-specced into this build, its fun and powerfull - thank you.

I've ran into two problems - ele reflect and expedition mod "kill things on 20% or lower life".

To solve the expedition mod i've got rid of clarity (i seem to have enough mana regen as is, granted running a 5-link for now) and got -% mana reserved on jewels to reach 20%+ life - this is also good as its extra health pool. So I was thinking how to use the blue+red link in the best way and came up with 2 options - CWDT frost shield (defensive+offensive) or CWDT temp chains (def) since im rarely using snipers mark... So far leaning towards frost shield as its applicable to both boss fights and clear since no need to override snipers mark on bosses.

Regarding reflect - there is 60% reduced reflect on tree nearby, i dont know - will this be enough with pantheon or no point trying?
Last edited by al3nxo on Sep 9, 2021, 7:55:36 AM
Do you have a leveling guide for this build? To survive until the LL transition?
What do you think about this build in 3.16? prism guardian nerf but overall should be fine?
any chance you will be updating this for 3.16? be way to busy to mess around in pob and try and figure it out with the update.
Updated for 3.16
Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a 1.5as Wand & Frenzy interfer with Spellslinger Cooldown? Shouldn't we using either a 1.3as Wand or another Wand attack (Power Siphon for example with build in Culling Strike) until we get cdr boots or belt?
Is the POB right? 300k dps?

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