Path of Exile: The Sounds of Expedition

I love it :3
Iangyratu wrote:

OMG, I remember these videos, they were awesome! I miss those times. Sad that Russian VA is not in the game anymore IIRC.

That's a shame, all of the Russian voice actors/actresses in this video were pretty awesome.
Who cares Sounds? Bring more Expedition Books drops....
Interesting, the sound designers really deserve this highlight !
You sound designers are insane. :D
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
With hopes it reaches the GGG team. I love these highlights. So much of the league work goes unnoticed due to the sheer speed of gameplay and overlap of effects. Truly amazing work each league. Expedition is by far my favorite league mechanic so far. If only my PC was able to run PoE in the detail it ships out :)
But the real question is who designed the original herald of ice crackle. I mean, eye of winter sounds great. But that herald of ice is the most lovely unmistakably PoE sound in existence. It'll never, ever get old.

Great sounds overall though :)
I have to say I admire the level of artistry here. This is not a subject with which I am familiar, and I learned quite a lot from your accounts. Thank you each for sharing!

One side note: I am loving the echo effect I hear in some areas. I have an owl pet that hoots and one toon has zombie minions - when I find myself afk in a completely quiet zone, their echoes always make me chuckle. Thank you for adding such auditory depth to the game, it gives play flavor in new and imaginative ways.

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