Baeclast Podcast with Chris Wilson

Halfway through the interview, and all I heard where excuses and good intentions for the upcoming patches. Don't get me wrong, the changes they suggest sound good, at least if they really are going to be implemented.

But what about further emergency changes to 3.15? Are we just left with a bad state of the game for the next 2 month? In that case I will probably quit the league quite soon and don't even come back for the promised changes in the next patch out of disappointment.
They killed Second Wind so you can't actually link flamedash or smokemine or dash to 3 support gems to make them viable. They are just bad now. Movement skills are just so bad right now.
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I sit alone on my house and on ~46:00 i start clapping for RaizQT for what he said. I feel so proud for him, it's so true! I realy enjoying build s like ED contagion or every elemental builds that melt dawn the map, chain reaction it's what make this game original and fresh above any other argp's, also what he said about looking back at other games when creating PoE. This is (sorry) bulshit. Poe it's PoE, it's need be PoE because it's what it make's it different and original. If i want to play Diablo, i go play Diablo, if i want to play grim dawn i go play grim dawn. But i want PoE, that was PoE back 4-5 seasons back. I hope mr. Cris will understand this because this quote from RaizQT has very big power and importance for me, and i belive more than half of PoE comunity.
Chris, in real life u don't have orb of regret.
You have to pay for your mistakes. It was PR fucking for me. The ground is on fire under your feet? Let's promise a bright future. I will believe it when I see it.
@Chris Wilson RE: PoE 2

Making the campaign more interesting and unique won't stop people from just wanting to get straight to maps. The reason for this is because very little in the way of worthwhile loot drops before you get to maps. It has very little to do with how unique the playthrough of the campaign is or isn't.

Masochist mode alleviates that problem by making even mediocre item upgrades matter for survivability, but in the normal game mode, a lot of people will just run through as much of the game as they can while swapping as few items as possible (swapping items costs you time, which makes getting to maps slower, which increases the length of time it will take you before you start getting drops that you can trade, and which aren't just vendor food).

You've commented that you want there to always be the possibility of finding or crafting a better item than what you have now, and I think there are good reasons for this, but the player goal will always be to minimise the amount of time they need to spend swapping items. From a player's perspective, the less item swapping required, the better. I honestly don't know what you can do to make any campaign content relevant when players will almost invariably and inevitably adopt the attitude that almost everything that drops before ilvl70 is worthless. This point is what gives Tabula Rasa it's value (aside from the fact that you can vendor it for a Divine Orb), it allows a low level character to quickly get to maps with almost the minimum number of item swaps possible.
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I appreciate a lot of what was spoken about but crafting really needs to be improved.
three things that would help would be increasing the weighting of the rarer mods so they are less atrocious to roll and you're more able to at least target those specific mods with things like alts (note; I am not talking about using 3000 alts) and add in a base mod level for items so that you can't get ilvl:1 mods on an ilvl:80 item so at the very least you're going to get something closer to what you can use while crafting

making the meta-crafting mods have multiple price points would be really good too so that you can in fact, meta craft with chaos/divines and use exalts as actual exalts.

this would go a long way to making crafting easier for new/poor players while actually giving their items emotional weight

(removing some of the more useless mods like "block and stun recovery" would also help tbh but if crafting is nicer in general, they'd be less of an issue)

The Passive tree is getting too big/full and it's kinda nonsense atm. I would honestly really like a tree closer to a royale style becaues at the moment, 80% of the passives do very little and feel kinda bad. having fewer travel nodes/small nodes in clusters would help but that does require redo-ing the entire tree =/

for aura stackers, making it harder to stack aura effect while keeping the current reservation would help limit power. so you could make auras cheaper at base, but getting half of the aura effect passives on the tree would increase the reservation to the current levels, and getting it on clusters would increase the reservation even further so you have a pay off, you can have fewer auras at more power, or more auras with less power (and that way the cluster effect can be more appreciable)

(limiting cluster notables to 2 of a single notable would also help and you could raise the power of the many, many nerfed ones)

wisdom and portal scrolls are both mechanics that are over 2 decades old and have outlived their usefulness. Please just give us an intrinsic portal option on a short cooldown (the gem would still have use) and having id'ing things be just a right click option as was suggested would help a lot.

trade! this game is, however you want to treat it, an mmo. please give it a sale system akin to FFXIV so it isn't painful and time wasting. because it is. and I don't play this game to waste time trading. I play it to have fun. if I don't want to trade, I'll play in a SSF league. if I'm playing in a trade league, I want to be able to trade and for it to be fast.

lastly, I know you despise the idea of auto pickup, but it's honestly really grognardy. nothing in the game has weight until you give it weight. because it's a game. poe should NOT waste players time with picking up hundreds of tiny things that they need to craft with.

having a currency pickup-pet would help immensely. because you can give people one in act 2 and then build it up over the acts so everyone has one automatically after the vaal oversoul and people have another type of thing to customise. such as a leash, collar and barding. more pickup radius but slower speed. less radius but higher rarity currency etc. and yes, you could still sell them, but if everyone has one from the end of act 2, then it isn't pay to win (and if you just link it to the account getting there, then having a pet beforehand wouldn't make it unbalanced)

TL:DR Please stop wasting your player's time. We want to have FUN playing your game.

p.s. also, please stop nerfing builds on the low end and barely at all on the top end. eg. give blade vortex a 10 second flat duration that cannot be modified (even by TC). so it's better on the low end, and can't scale duration to infinity (this also involves making the secondary quality on alternate auras good but unscale-able past a certain point

Does Chris say that does not understand where is 30% of players?

I can suggest a link to the topic with 5000 comments on your forum:

People straightly write: "I enjoined a few leagues, but after they nerf craft I quit".
Just read your forum.
And remember - this topic have a near 8000 comments, before moderation.
What is matter - people who are able to write, who have a voice - are opinion leaders.

Here is a clue.
Not people disappear.
Without any reason.

But your vision is pushed people from POE.
I am one of these people.
I stop donate GGG after the statement of Harvest nerf.
Played Ultimatum only because have a hope that GGG can learn a lesson and must return to the "understandable crafting" in 3.15.
But got only a worse state of the POE.
No chances to return angry departed audience.

Another suggestion:
During a current "the vision" POE still bleeding.
The root of the problem is still not resolved.
POE continues to lose an audience.
I've been watching the Baeclast podcast and overall i had a positive feeling.

This ofcourse doesn't make the game better at the moment but it might set it up back on track.

What i liked:
- overall questions and communication
- proposed changes to Atlas, flasks
- proposed changes to Fortify

What i didn't like:
- "Hard" mode
- the lack of discussion about skills build diversity at the end game (i feel we should all play the same 5skills to do end game content)
- no harvest means better loot drops are needed and we're not nearly there.

I hope changes will be implemented and POE will become better (compared to the last 2 patches).
I play POE to look good while killing mobs and feeling Godlike, not to keep on dying and feel super squishy in my shiny MTX armor set, but that's just me probably.
Around min 3 first lies about nerfs, basically nerfs happened and community was mistaken about them because of bad marketing - (XD rotfl i laughed my ass of on that) what the actual f was that, after this one i just listened without any further hope.
Damage mitigation, PR shit ,some f words here in there to make boyz happy and excited, reading from piece of paper instead of honest answers, some people who want add up and ask spicy questions were shut (RAZ face was telling me all man i truly respect You).

Outline - dont waste yr time.

That d be my final post i guess, im just waiting for other games.

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