[3.15] Dex Stacking Blade Trapper! Clear all content with ease!

Profatum wrote:
jdhall54 wrote:
I have successfully leveled this character using the guide shown. I'm level 76 and absolutely melting maps and meanwhile I'm extremely tanky. I bought a synthesized sword similar to OP and that's when my damage really went off the charts. My biggest complaint about the build so far is not having more strength than intelligence. Because of this we lose out on the 15% increased dexterity on the helmet. Seems like we could find a better option if the helmet is only adding crit multi, elemental damage and small life.

Thanks for the build, I'm enjoying it so far!

I've solved issue by allocating 1 +30 strength point and annointing either Devotion (8% max life and 20 strength) which should be enough if you don't get any int on gear or if you get some jewels with strength you can ever get Heart of the Warrior which gives you more life but less strength.
Btw i really don't know how you guys melting maps, recently i made metamorph with like double regen and took my several minutes to kill him... Map mosses might take eternity, sadly i dont see this build killing for example uber elder or sirus.

Sounds like something being done wrong on your end tbh. Ive downed a8 sirus already and uber elder without a single issue.

A couple ideas to help with DPS problems.
1. Switch to divergent blade trap (faster rotations = faster damage output
2. Switch to dual wield if you can afford two weapons of the appropriate power level (they both need 2 to 4 cold damage per 10 dex, decent base crit, and flat ele rolls that are good
3. Go for +1 rotation helm enchant or 40% increased blade trap helm enchant
4. Really look into your rings and weapon, as almost all of your HUGE amounts of scaling after dex stack are on these slots. Flat ele, ele dmg with attack skills, high base crit on your Foil (having t1-2 crit suffix puts your base crit on your foil to like 8-9% which allows you to reach insane amounts of crit).
5. Make sure you're utilizing all your debuffs properly. Frost Bomb, Bear Trap, keep your mark up 100% of the time, and use siphoning trap to help with mana/hp.
5. Plug your gear into my POB and compare it and youll easily find where youre lacking

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