[3.15] TotalQlimax's Mjölner Manabond Hiero - 27M+ DPS (14M+ Sirus), 10K+ eHP. All content viable!

Hello Exiles,

TotalQlimax here. Expedition League has been a blast so far! I had a lot of questions and fruitful discussions regarding my character on stream and therefore I decided to share my Mjölner Manabond Build which I play in 3.15 Expedition League.

You can check out my profile at: Profile
My stream and recent VOD is available at: Stream
My Youtube channel is available at: Youtube channel

Recent Update
Added the "Thoughts on 3.16" section.

Thoughts on 3.16
I will not be able to play this build in 3.16, because I've decided to join a private league and this build requires too much uniques for a self found playstyle.

Nevertheless here are some thoughts regarding the changes in 3.16. Unfortunately you cannot trigger Elemental Overload via Cyclone anymore, i.e., it would only boost your Cyclone damage when triggered via Cyclone. You could either drop Controlled Destruction to ensure Elemental Overload for Manabond, or consider a crit-version of this build. Additonally Unwavering Stance moved several skill points further away (6 skill points to invest instead of 3). Overall I think the 3.15 version of this build is still solid but the mentioned facts make a version utilizing crits way more attractive than before, especially because you can get 80% increased critical strike chance from lightning mastery. When you can get your hands on a "The Squire" you also might run out of usefull support gems in a non-crit setup, although I am unsure how to efficiently maintain an empty Mana pool without Manastorm. When going for a crit version, the Inquisitor might also outclass the Hierophant ascendancy.

So if I were not in a private league, I would start on Hierophant and try a crit version to see how things work out. But since most improvements to a build come along with playtime and progress through the game, I will not be able to give reliable advices.

Nevertheless when you decide to play this build, I would be happy when you leave a comment and let us know how you've adapted to the changes in 3.16.

Best of luck and enjoyment for the upcomming league ;)

Videos (3.15)
With "Starter Gear"
Witnessed Guardians one week into the League:

Witnessed Minotaur
Witnessed Phoenix
Witnessed Hydra

Endgame Bosses:

Witnessed Shaper Kind of unfortunate Maven modifiers

Sirus, Awakener 8 I died one time to the Die-Beam because I was too greedy not to use Flame Dash, but that's a good exercise for the "Mana management" section below in this Guide ;)

T16 Map showcases:

T16 Alleyways Map with Delirium Mirror and Awakening Level 8
T16 Crystal Ore Map with Awakening Level 8

With Gear two weeks into the league

You can also check out my latest VODs at https://www.twitch.tv/totalqlimax

Skill Tree and Path of Building (3.15)
- Skill Tree: Tree (31.07.2021 corresponding to starter section)
- Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/DPm6dR6S (31.07.2021 one week into the league)
- Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/k7ntBNbC (06.08.2021 two weeks into the league)
- Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/C1tksNGN (15.08.2021 three weeks into the league - changed the shock value on bosses to 60%)
- Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/75qecpMz (29.08.2021 at level 100 and 40/40)

I loved playing Archmage builds since their release in Delirium League and I am also a big fan of the Ball Lightning CoC Guide written by N0esy (check it out: Link).

Due to the changes to CoC and Archmage in 3.15, I came up with an idea to combine the main components of the two Builds with the new active Skill Gem Manabond. By the release of 3.15, Builds relying on trigger mechanics have to deal with the Mana cost of the triggered Spell. One exception is given by the one handed mace Mjölner, which can still trigger socketed Spells on hit without any Mana cost. Mjölner is an ideal weapon for the new Manabond active skill Gem because Manabond deals increased base Lightning Damage based on your missing Mana and we can ensure almost zero Mana by utilizing Manastorm.

The Build relies on dumping your Mana pool with Arcane Cloak and the unique shield Manastorm while utilizing Cyclone and triggering Manabond due to the equiped Mjölner. See "Important mechanics" section for a more detailed explaination of the important mechanics. I highly recommend to read this section to play the Build properly.

Gear (3.15)
Starter Gear


Mjölner is a core item for this Build.


Indigon is a huge damage increase (especially with the Arcane Cloak or Lightning Penetration on low Mana enchant, both are fine). See "Important mechanics" section for more information about the interaction of Arcane Cloak, Indigon and Manastorm.


Atziri's Foible is a core item for this Build. The 25% reduced Attribute requirements are pretty much needed.

Shield (Off-hand)

Manastorm is a core item for this Build to dump your Mana pool. See "Important mechanics" section for more information.


Replica Kaom's Heart is optional. Since there is no heavy need for more additional links this item is a good option.

Ring (#1)

Essence Worm is a core item of the Build. Use Wrath aura in this item.

Ring (#2)

Any rare ring with Life, Mana and good Resistance (mine is not a good example! I will upgrade this one soonish).


Algor Mortis is optional for this Build but I highly recommend these! Damage wise Algor Mortis is a best in slot item. (You apply chill to the enemies by using Vortex)


Any rare belt with Life, Mana and good Resistance. You can definitely use a Headhunter on this Build. It will also help with the requried Strength and Dexterity.


Any rare boots with high Movement Speed (pref 35%) and good Life, Mana and good Resistance.

Unique Jewels
(Sion location)
(Upper Witch location)
(At Pain Attunement location)
(Anywhere, only for the Pen right now)
(Anywhere, will be swapped with Scintillating Idea from Level 98 to 100)
Watcher's Eye with Damage Penetrates 15% Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath and 10% of Damage taken from Mana before Life while affected by Clarity is missing right now, but it's on my list ;)

Rare Jewels

I use the rare Jewels basically for fixing my missing stats like Resistance or Attributes. It is nice when they also have Life and Mana. I can not recommend to use increased Lightning or Spell Damage Jewels since we already have a crazy amount of this stat with Indigon.

Cluster Jewels

I am still missing Supercharge on one of my large Clusters but I will include it soon. Idealy I want to spend my last Skill Points (lvl 95 atm) for two pointer Mana cluster Jewels with Will Shaper notable or Scintillating Idea.

Gear after two weeks into the league

- With this gear I now run a dual Curse setup and 14% CDR with 7.52 aps which results in a huge dps increase.
- The Fortify on Hit corruption enables Onslaught support instead of the Fortity support in the Cycloen setup, which helps alot reaching the aps cap against bosses.
- New Watcher's eye is quite insane!

Gear after three weeks into the league

- Dropped Whispers of Doom annointment for Arcane Capacitor and allocated Whispers of Doom with 4 Skill Points instead.
- Managed to sneak in The Stampede which required more Resistance on my Jewels.
- Dropped Quicksilver Flask (due to Stampede) and went with Bottled Faith.
- Got some usefull corruptions on Unnatural Instinct and Healthy Mind.
- The Resistance on the Aquamarine Flask are not needed. I use it to be safe in Elemental Weakness maps.

Gear at level 100 and 40/40 (end of league for me)

- Dropped Split Personality due to Harvest quality on chest and hit a decent double corruption.
- Included a second small cluster jewel with Scintillating Idea.

Gem links (3.15)

In Mjölner

- Manabond + Awakened Spell Cascade + Awakened Controlled Destruction
(swap Spell Cascade with Concentrated Effect for tough Boss fights)

In any 4 linked item

- Cyclone (Divergent quality) + Additional Accuracy + Faster Attacks + Fortify (You can swap Fortify for Onslaught support once you have 14% CDR and the Fortify on Hit corruption on Mjölner)

In any three link

- Vortex + Awakened Curse on Hit + Conductivity (I went with dual curse setup later on by also including Elemental Weakness. This requires your gear to have a second unset ring when you do not want to drop any other gem).

In any two link

- Arcane Cloak (Divergent quality) + Arcane Surge (Divergent quality)

- Cast when Damage taken + Wave of Conviction (Divergent quality)

Remaining gems

- Wrath (socketed in Essence Worm)
- Clarity
- Precision
- Vitality
- Flame Dash

Important mechanics (please read)
Spending Mana and Indigon
Indigon is a huge damage increase! The increased Mana cost will only affect Cyclone and can easily be dealt with. Unfortunally Indigon does not interact with the sacrificed Mana from Manastorm when using spells like Vortex or Flame Dash. Nevertheless it does interact with the amount of Mana spend by Arcane Cloak! Additionally by using Arcane Cloak you will obtain the full Damage buff from Manastorm (100% sacrificied Mana of which 64% is considered as "spended" Mana + the Damage buff by Arcane Cloak itself) resulting in a huge Damage burst for 4 seconds. At my current setup I spend arround 7.9k Mana with Arcane Cloak (including the Arcane Cloak helm enchant) leading to 975% increased Spell Damage from Indigon and there is still some space for more.

Mana management
You can dump your Mana by pressing any Spell (Arcane Cloak, Vortex or Flame Dash). As explained above Arcane Cloak will result in the highest damage increase. Therefore you want to always use Arcane Cloak before pressing any other Spell in order to maximize your DPS. This results in a rare use of Flame Dash as a Movement Skill. Nevertheless sometimes you have to use Flame Dash to dodge certain Boss mechanics and simply pay the Damage loss.

Optimal attack rates
Another important mechanic is the optimal attack rate (aps) with Cyclone depending on your cooldown recovery rate (CDR). You can check out the following Reddit post for further information: Reddit post.

Short story:
You want to have

- 6.06 aps with 0-13% CDR
- 7.56 aps with 14-51% CDR
- 10.1 aps with 52%+ CDR

Keep in mind that exceeding your optimal aps cap will result in a huge Damage loss!

Some notes on defences
We have a mediocre Life and Energy Shield pool but a high Mana pool. The Mana pool is also the tool to burst up your Damage output and you can decide if you want to dump your Mana for Damage or save it up for more tankiness. When the Arcane Cloak buff is on cooldown I personally prefer to store some Mana to get more tankiness and also to ensure that my next Arcane Cloak will be casted at high Mana for the next damage burst. Since we are using Corrupted Soul we have a 50/50 Damage split on Life and Energy Shield. With Mind Over Matter, Divine Guidance and Watcher's Eye we can obtain an additional 50/50 split on Life and Mana resulting in an overall 25% of incomming Damage on Life. This also means that we prefer twice as much Energy Shield as Life and at least as much Mana as Life (we will have much more Mana by default anyway). So when we meet these requirements a 3k Life pool we will end up being 12K effective Life!

Stun and ailment immunity
Without any stun or freeze immunity the Build (similar to every Cyclone Build on a low Life pool) can struggle in certain Boss fights. There are multiple ways to obtain immunity. Just do not miss it out. I solved these issues by allocating Unwavering Stance and utilizing an Aquamarine Flask (110% reduced effect of Freeze with Illuminated Devotion)

Chaos Resistance
As hybrid with Life and Energy Shield, Chaos Resistance becomes a big problem. Especially with the new changes to Poison Damage for Players and Monsters in 3.15 (50% more damage). So try to get some Chaos Resistance on your gear, otherwise this will be a weak spot.

Tooltip DPS of Manabond
As stated by GGG in this forum post (Link), Manabond will not and can not update for Mana values but the Damage is definitely being applied. So do not worry when your Tooltip Damage does not increase on an empty Mana pool.

In this section I would like to share my leveling progress for this Build. As I started on this at day one of Expedition League I will have a "fresh start point of view" for the leveling guide and will not discuss Tabula links or Level Uniques. Additionally I would like to point out that I do not want to say that this is the best way to progress into this build, I would just like to share how I progressed.

I decided to go with Storm Brand in order to get into Maps and until I have enough currency to buy the core items. Talamier have posted that he progressed into this Build with Enki's Arc Witch. Check out the Guide here!

Act I
- Tree at Level 12 (end of Act I)

- Buy two Wands from Nessa after Hillock (preferred are B-B-B and B-B-G links)

- Gems you would like to get during Act I progression:
Stormblast Mine, Added Lightning Damage, Orb of Storms, Flame Dash, (Frost Blink until Flame Dash is available), Storm Brand, Onslaught and Arcane Surge

- Links you would like to utilize in Act I:
1. B-B-B: Stormblast Mine + Added Lightning Damage + Orb of Storms (you can use detonate Mines on left click to avoid two button mines playstyle)
2. B-G: Stormbrand + Onslaught
3. B-B: Flame Dash + Arcane Surge (you do not want to level up your Arcane Surge)

Make sure that the enemies (especially bosses) stand in your Orb of Storms when detonating the Stormblast Mines. Also Flame Dash over the Boss once a while. The early Damage of Flame Dash is surprisingly good.

Act II
- Tree at Level 19ish Although you might not need the attributes yet I start to skill these early to have no trouble with attribute requirements of specific rare item drops.

- Kill all Bandits for two Skill Points

- Gems you would like to get during Act II:
Wave of Conviction, Physical to Lightning, Elemental Focus, Concentrated Effect, Brand Recall

- Links you would like to utilize in Act II:
1. Storm Brand + Onslaught or Added Lightning (B-B-B or G-B-B) + Concentrated Effect
2. Wave of Conviction + Physical to Lightning + Elemental Focus or Added Lightning Damage (drop Stormblast Mine and Orb of Storms for Wave of Conviction setup)
3. Flame Dash + Brand Recall + Arcane Surge
4. Use Herald of Ice and Herald of Thunder without any links.

Sometimes you cannot manage to get all the links listed here. This is completely fine. Just make sure you have a good 3-linked setup for your Storm Brand and Wave of Conviction.

At level 20 you would like to do two times the Wand Lightning Damage recipe which requires:
1x magic Wand + 1x rare Topaz Ring + 1x Alteration Orb (save up your essences for two rare Topaz Rings. The chance to obtain rare Topaz Rings by dropping is quite low.)

- Tree at Level 34ish

- When you are Level 24 start looking for 4-linked items at vendors. We can use the colours B-B-B-B, G-B-B-B or later on G-G-B-B.

- Gems you would like to get during Act III:
Wrath, Conductivity

- Links you would like to utilize in Act III:
1. Same as in Act II
2. When you get a 4-linked use Storm Brand + Concentrated Effect + Added Lightning Damage + Elemental Focus (B-B-B-B) or switch Added Lightning Damage for Onslaught (G-B-B-B).
3. Drop Herald of Ice for Wrath

Act IV
- Do first Labyrinth and allocate Arcane Blessing (you can now drop Arcane Surge in your links and put it in Weapon swap and start leveling it up for later).

- Tree at Level 43ish

- Gems you would like to get during Act IV:
Chain Support, Hydrosphere

- Links you would like to utilize in Act IV:
1. Same as before
2. In case you have a G-G-B-B four linked you can use Storm Brand + Chain + Onslaught + Concentrated Effect (This setup is really good for trash mobs but has quite bad solo target. Therefore I additionally use Hydrosphere for Bosses in this case)

Act V
With the current setup we are pretty much ready to finish the remaining Acts. From Act V on we would like to focus on improving our gear while keeping or improving the links (damage wise Storm Brand in B-B-B-B > G-B-B-B > G-G-B-B)

- Tree at Level 50ish

Act VI
- Tree at Level 53ish

- Do the "Fallen from Grace" Quest and buy the following Gems:
Cyclone, Faster Attacks, Additional Accuracy, Manabond, Clarity, Precision, Arcane Cloak and start leveling these Gems in your weapon switch for later.

- Tree at Level 55ish Allocate Illuminated Devotion from second Labyrinth

From now on we have to decide if we invest more in the Storm Brand Build by allocating the Sion life wheel or if we already prepare the switch to Mjölner at Level 60 by allocating some Strength nodes.

Tree at Level 60ish with prepared switch to Mjölner

Since switching to Mjölner at day one was no option (first Mjölner on trade was listed for 30 Exalts), I stayed on Storm Brand into Maps.

Act IX
Blood Aqueduct is a perfect Area to prepare the switch to Mjölner when you do not start this Build in a fresh league.

The only required items to make this Build work are Mjölner (requires Level 60), Atziri's Foible (requires Level 16) and Manastorm (requires Level 59) (also see Gear section). So you can already switch to this Build by Level 60. The other items listed in the "Gear" section will "only" increase your damage by a significant amount ;). Make sure you have enough Strength and Intelligence for Mjölner and do not forget that Atziri's Foible reduces the required Attributes by 25% (i.e., 309 Strength instead of 412 for Mjölner).

- Tree at Level 60ish with Mjölner This requires 22 Regret Points and we start to invest these Points for improving our Mana pool (you'll get overall 20 passive respec points from the campaign).

From now on you also have to drop the Wrath aura until you have an Essence Worm.

Act X and into Maps
- Tree at Level 68ish with Mjölner and all Passive Skill Points from Quests Allocate Divine Guidance from Third Labyrinth.

- Tree at Level 73ish and all Mana nodes

- If possible you would now go for the Cluster Jewels, starting with the one between Templar and Witch. If you cannot access these due to a early League stage or low currency you can skill the Mana and Life nodes next to Sion and Marauder until you obtained the clusters (Example of a Tree without Cluster Jewels at Level 90)

- Take Sacntuary of Thought from last Labyrinth

- You might drop the Skill Points Light of Divinity, Holy Dominion and Blast Radius for allocating nodes on the Cluster Jewels

Short advice on a fresh start
As this Build requires several core Uniques you might not directly have the currency on a new League start to make it work. To obtain my first Mjölner and Atziri's Foible 7 to 8 hours into the League (70C) I checked the Rogue Harbour vendor for Lockpicking contracts each Level from Level 60 on. These cost only 1x Orb of Chance and can be really rewarding in terms of Currency or Unique Items.

Other versions of this build (3.15)
Path of Exile is an awesome game with a lot of build ideas and variety. Obviously I am not the only Gamer who thought that Mjölner and Manabond might have a nice interaction. I simply choosed these mechanics, tried to build arround it - and here is the result. Including Manastorm in this Build was actually an advice given by a viewer who told me that GhazzyTV came up with this idea. I tried it out - it is awesome (Thanks for the advice). On poe.ninja I also found a low Life version of this Build which is made similar to a former low Life Archmage Storm Brand Hierophant. I cannot judge which version will be better or more recommended for you as a Player, but I am pretty sure that in Path of Exile, as always, it will come down to a trade off. So it is up to you to pick what you prefer and like more :)

Unfortunately it turned out that some ambitious Youtubers published this Build with snapshots of my profile from poe.ninja during the first week of League launch. Also it is sad about the amount of time these people have invested, I can definitely not recommend these Guides because they are simply copies of an unfinished version of this Build and explain some short term solutions, which I decided to make at the given early state of the league, as advices and this is missleading in my opinion. During my streams I had a lot of requests for a Guide. I tried to explain the important mechanics on stream but decided to come up with a Guide later at a state where my character is finalized. Also I'm still missing some upgrades which I have also mentioned in this Guide (better Watcher's Eye and Supercharge for example), I feel this Build is in a really good shape to do all endgame content and therefore I can recommend it with a calm conscience.

FAQ (please read)
What Pantheons are you using?
As Minor God I use Soul of Shakari. Sometimes I swap it for Soul of Yugul in maps with multiple curses. As Major God I have used Soul of Lunaris, but since I have included "The Stampede" Boots I prefer Soul of Arakaali. The reduced Shock effect in Arakaali is really nice to reach 100%. On boss encounters I switch to Soul of Solaris and sometimes I forget to switch back :)

Why do you use Corrupted Soul on a 3K Life pool?
This Build has a nice amount of Life recovery due to Indigon, Vitality and Life leech, but the Energy Shield recovery is much less (only 10% per second via Energy Shield leech). Therefore I prefer to enable the Life recovery at the first stage of incomming damage and by this reduce the incomming damage on my Energy Shield pool.

How do you equip Mjölner without having 412 Strength?
Atziri's Foible gives "Items and Gems have 25% reduced Attribute Requirements". Although the requirement on the Mjölner still reads 412 Strength and will be marked red, you can simply equip it with 309 Strength and 225 Intelligence.

Isn't Elemental Overload bad with Controlled Destruction?
You can still trigger Elemental Overload with Cyclone, which has a critical strike chance of about 8%. This is sufficient to ensure 100% uptime at bosses with an aps rate of about 7.5 (or even lower).

Why don't you use Elemental Equilibrium with Fire/Cold attack stat?
Because you would have to drop Wrath and especially Manastorm for Elemental Equilibrium, since both give flat Lightning Damage to attacks aswell.

Is exceeding the optimal aps cap a big deal in terms of damage loss?

Have you considered a Conductivity on Hit Ring and a Elemental Weakness Gloves corruption?
Yes, but on Curse on Hit rings you have at most an increased effectiveness of 40% for a level 1 Conductivity (which is 35% Penetration) and 48% increased effectiveness of a level 1 Elemental Weakness on gloves (which is 30% Penetration). So these will add up to 65% Penetration, whereas 21/20 Conductivity and 21/20 Elemental Weakness add up to 90% Penetration and you also get 10% increased Curse Effect from Hextouch quality, so you obtain a total of 99% Penetration from the Curses linked to Hextouch.

Why don't you have Disorienting Display on one of the large Clusters?
Because of Unwavering Stance, blind on enemies would do nothing since we cannot evade attacks.

Your Cold Resistance is not capped?!
It is capped. My Glorious Vanity turns one small passive into 14% Cold Resistance. Unfortunately this is not shown in Path of Building.

Do you get the Sion Attributes with Unnatural Instinct and Pure Talent?
No. Unfortunally the Passives obtained from Unnatural Instinct do not count as allocated and therefore do not interact with Pure Talent. In PoB you will obtain +25 Attributes, which is a bug.

What should I focus first on the large Cluster Jewels?
My priority would be:
1. Storm Drinker if no Energy Shield leech is available
2. Supercharge
3. Overshock
4. Scintillating Idea
5. Storm Drinker if Energy Shield leech is already available

Thanks for reading
Thank you Exiles for taking your time to read my Guide. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, improvements or if you simply like it :)

Best, TotalQlimax

Updates and Edits
- 03.08.21 Included a more detailed leveling section.
- 06.08.21 Added the actual PoB Link with 14% CDR, dual curse setup and new Item upgrades (two weeks into the league section).
- 13.08.21 Uploaded the Uber Elder video on youtube (Link in video section of this guide) and added a .gif of Shaper phase three.
- 15.08.21 Added the "Gear after three weaks into the league" section and the recent PoB. Changed the Shock value on Bosses to 60% in PoB since this holds true for Shaper and Sirus.
- 15.08.21 Included a FAQ which will be continued by time.
- 29.08.21 Added the level 100 PoB and the gear at 100 and 40/40.
- 29.08.21 Added "Please read" to the FAQ section.
- 22.10.21 Added the "Thoughts on 3.16" section.
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Nice one, will give it a try!
I'm so happy to see you making a Guide about that awesome looking Build.

Thanks alot.
Last edited by prothana on Jul 31, 2021, 5:43:10 PM
watched it on stream several times, looks like the good old coc cyclone stuff.but better

good work
Last edited by ChunLiPOV on Jul 31, 2021, 8:45:54 PM
Looks fun! How do you level one? and can it do maven and endgame contents?
Looks fun! How do you level one? and can it do maven and endgame contents?

Hi! Yes, I already did Maven and other endgame content on this Build. So far I am only missing "The Feared" and "The Forgotten" Invitation, but I will approach these soon. I've uploaded some videos on my Youtube channel and more content is coming soon.

I've also added a small leveling section in the guide. I will take the time to write a more detailed one in the future.
Last edited by TotalQlimax on Aug 1, 2021, 7:46:13 AM
TotalQlimax wrote:
Looks fun! How do you level one? and can it do maven and endgame contents?

Hi! Yes, I already did Maven and other endgame content on this Build. So far I am only missing "The Feared" and "The Forgotten" Invitation, but I will approach these soon. I've uploaded some videos on my Youtube channel and more content is coming soon.

I've also added a small leveling section in the guide. I will take the time to write a more detailed one in the future.

Thanks! Currently lvling one :) I wonder about the clusters, what in order should i get?
Looks like a build that is smooth and fast in clearing maps, with the potential of a good boss killer.

Everything what an exile could wish for, thanks for sharing this guide with us!
Thanks! Currently lvling one :) I wonder about the clusters, what in order should i get?

Supercharge, Overshock, Storm Drinker and Scintillating Idea are the most important nodes on the large Cluster Jewels. All of these are prefixes and a single Jewel can only roll two prefixes. Note that you will only need one time Supercharge and one time Overshock since these are on/off mechanics (i.e, two of them do not stack). If you do not have any source of Energy Shield leech you definitely want Storm Drinker (I have Energy Shield leech from the amulet anointment - Edit: This is not true anymore :) But does not change the priority list). So overall my priority would be

1. Storm Drinker if no Energy Shield leech is available
2. Supercharge
3. Overshock
4. Scintillating Idea
5. Storm Drinker if Energy Shield leech is already available
Last edited by TotalQlimax on Aug 13, 2021, 7:52:48 PM
Hey having a lot of fun with this.
Could you give me some tips on what to improve next?

I need some more new levels obviously.
Also gem quality is still in work.
Watchers Eye and the large cluster with supercharger is just to expensive right now. Maybe you see something else.

Feel like my manareg is lacking a lot


Would highly appreciate it.

Wondering if corrupted gloves with ele weakness would be good.
And or a curse on the ring.
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