[3.13] CoC Ball Lightning Ascendant

New info for 3.14 last update: 5/11

I won't play this build in 3.14 because I want to play something else. This means that I won't update this guide during this season. However, I think this build is still very strong, and I can recommend this build for those who are looking for a strong build.

I recommend playing the necro + jugg version in 3.14 since this version is easier to gear. Also, this version is unaffected by the nerf hammer in 3.14.

First impression of the patch notes:
-The trigger mod now has a 8-sec cooldown. This should not be problematic, especially after you get some CDR. You can also bind vortex to left click to consistently cast it.

-Veiled mods are strong. For example, you can now find a belt with 14-16% CDR by unveiling.

Crafting suggestion:
I'm playing a different CoC build at the moment and crafted the following items. These items might be useful for this build as well, so I decided to explain how to craft them.

1. Buy a stygian vise that has:
- T1 flat life and T1 %life
- Exactly 2 prefixes and 2 or less suffixes.

This kind of belt costs 4-6 ex at the time of writing.

2. Craft "prefixes cannot be changed", and use "reforge crit" (harvest craft). This adds the "flask charge on crit" mod.

3. Now that the prefixes are done, you want the CDR mod. If your belt has 3 suffixes, use "reforge keeping prefixes" harvest craft until the belt gets an empty suffix.

4. Craft "prefixes cannot be changed" and use a veiled chaos orb. If you get 2 suffix mods in addition to the unveiled mod, go to step 5. Otherwise, go to step 6.

5. Go to the crafting bench and use "remove crafted mods". Then go to step 4.

6. Unveil and get lucky to find the CDR mod (roughly 50% chance based on my calculation). If faied, go to step 4 and repeat.

I'm not sure if "increased effect of non-damaging ailments" is the best mod for this build, but it definitely helps, as it uses chill, shock, and sap. The folloing procedure works if you are crafting shaper + redeemer, or crusader + redeemer boots.

1. Combine the CDR mod (shaper or crusader) and the increased ailment effect mod (redeemer) by an awakener's orb. (optional) Use the elevated version of the mods.

2. If the boots get 3 prefixes, use "reforge keeping suffixes" until the boots get an empty prefix.

3. Craft "suffixes cannot be changed" and use "reforge crit" harvest craft to add the elusive mod. Repeat this until the elusive mod is the only prefix.

4. Aisling slam (T4 research) and get lucky to find one of the movement speed mods (94% chance based on my calculation). If you are unlucky, go to step 3 and repeat.

5. Craft life and done.

This is an ascendant version of a CoC ball lightning build. The assassin version can be found here. I recommend this build for players who are looking for a strong build that can do both clearing maps and killing bosses without dying.
Ascendant vs Assassin

Advantage of the Ascendant version:
-more damage
-max block and life gained on block (stronger against small hits)
-stun, chill and freeze immune, which also means no desync while cycloning

Advantage of the Assassin version:
-more HP pool (stronger against big hits)
-more movement speed

The most notable difference is that the ascendant version can face tank Sirus's die beam while the assassin version cannot.

-Very high DPS and survivability.
-Decent clear speed.
-Can do all content, including A8 Sirus, T19 100% delirious maps, and semi-deep delve (1000 depth).

-Melee build (clear speed is not best).
-Cannot use explosion mechanics because we need enemy corpses.
-Expensive to scale.
-Self-crafting is mandatory.

Build Summary
-40M+ Shaper DPS (after min-max)
-7k+ life and 1k+ ES (after min-max)
-75/75 block chance without flasks
-600 life gained on block
-Life gained on hit
-Life leech
-3 endurance charges
-Immune to chill, freeze, and stun


A8 Sirus
T16 100% delirious map
Ramparts (T16)
Delve (1010-1012 depth)

A9 Sirus
100% delirium T19 Burial Chamber
How this build works

The main skill in this build is cyclone - cast on critical strike (CoC) - ball lightning (BL). You channel cyclone, and every time you crit, BL is triggered. BL is selected since it has one of the best DPS in the game. We also take advantage of the fact that each BL projectile hits many times.

In addition, we use Vortex as a support skill. Importantly, vortex is an instant spell, which means that you can cast it while channelling cyclone. Thus, the gameplay is smooth even though we use two active skills.

Power Charge Generation
We need power charges to consistently trigger BL. Most CoC builds use the Assassin ascendancy to generate power charges. This build, on the other hand, uses the Stormrider notable, which is offered by large cluster jewels.

Stormrider grants you 10% chance to gain a power charge when you shock a chilled enemy. The 10% chance may sound small, but it's not a problem because BL hits many times. How do we inflict shock and chill on enemies? BL is a lightning spell, so we can naturally shock enemies. To inflict chill, we use vortex. Vortex creates a chilling area, and enemies on it are chilled, regardless of their life. If you are lazy and don't want to use vortex too often while clearing trash mobs, you can also craft "add cold damage" on your ring or amulet. This mod alone is good enough to chill trash mobs, thus allowing you to generate power charges without using vortex.

Algor Mortis

This bad boy gives us a ton of damage if enemies are on chilling areas. This is another reason why we use vortex as a support skill.

One of the reasons we select Ascendant is to gain block chance and life gained on block from bone offering. With bone offering and the glancing blows keystone, you'll need 11%+ spell block chance from your shield to cap your block chance.
To use bone offering, you need to generate corpses using Desecrate. Both bone offering and desecrate are socketed in your weapon and cast automatically.

Life Gaind on Hit

Since BL hits many times, we use the "life gained on spell hit" mod on a ring. This mod significantly improves our life recovery during combat.


The Overlord notable gives you fortify on hits with a sceptre. This is why we use a sceptre as a weapon.

Important Notes (Read this before playing this build!)
Because our damage source is ball lightning (BL), you want to trigger it as often as possible. BL is triggered when you crit with cyclone. This means that the attack rate and crit chance of cyclone are important factors that determines how often BL is triggered. A high attack rate and crit chance allows you to trigger BL more often.

However, this does not mean that you want to make the cyclone attack rate as high as possible. The reason for this is that cast on critical strike (CoC) has a cooldown of 150 ms, which means that you want to attack less often than this cooldown. You might think the best attack rate is 1/0.15 = 6.66 per second, but this is incorrect. Every action in this game happens at a constant interval of 33 ms (1 server tick), and as a result, the cooldown of CoC behaves as if it is 165 (33*5) ms. With increased cooldown recovery rare (CDR) stats, you can reduce this cooldown. The summary is given below:

With 0-13% CDR, your optimal attack rate is 6.06 aps.
With 14-51% CDR, your optimal attack rate is 7.56.
WIth 52%+ CDR, your optimal attack rate is 10.1.

Note that there is no difference between, for example, 14% CDR and 20% CDR. Also keep in mind that the "9-12% cooldown recovery rate" crafting mod on belt has no effect if you don't have other sources of CDR since 12% CDR is the same as 0% CDR.

Items with CDR are generally expensive, so you should start the build with 0% CDR if you are on a low budget. 52%+ CDR is recommended only to rich people. To be clear, You can clear all content with 14% CDR.

The best way to get 14% CDR is from a crusader or shaper belt. 52% CDR, on the other hand, can be achieved from:
1) belt (up to 20%)
2) boots (up to 15%)
3) awakened CoC gem (up to 22%).

Read this reddit post if you want to understand the basics of CoC.



Finding a good sceptre should be done carefully. I've seen a lot of people choosing a wrong sceptre. Read the following carefully, otherwise you'll make a big mistake.

Requirement of a good sceptre:
1) High crit chance
2) Appropriate attacks per second (aps)
3) (optional) spell damage, added lightning damage to spells, +1 to level of lighting gems
4) (crafted mod) trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill

High crit chance is obvious because we need to crit with cyclone to trigger BL. What is confusing is appropriate aps. Summary of ideal aps is the folowing:

(patch 3.13): This info is not correct if your ascendancy choice is Necro + PF. The optimal AS of a sceptre should be slightly less than the value shown below because you'll take 3% more "increased attack speed" from the passive tree. I don't have time to do the math for now, so everyone should check POB before crafting/buying a sceptre.

52% CDR, with AS enchant: 1.9 aps
52% CDR, without helm enchant: as high as possible
14% CDR, without helm enchant: 1.58 aps
0% CDR, without helm enchant: 1.27 aps

*"AS enchant" refers to "15% increased cyclone attack speed" on helmet.

First, you decide how much CDR you get. Then look for a sceptre with appropriate attack rate. Don't buy/craft a sceptre before making sure how much CDR you get!

Don't use a sceptre whose aps is higher than you need. For example, my sceptre (1.90 aps) is amazing if you have 52% CDR, but it is an utter trash for people with 0 or 14% CDR.

Crafting a 1.9 aps sceptre

First of all, this sceptre is a god tier - don't expect that you can craft a similar one.

1. Buy a base (Karui Sceptre or Grinning Fetish) with a fractured T1 crit or T1 AS mod.
2. Spam Deafening Essences of Woe until you get an acceptable result.
3. (optional) If you get good prefixes (like my sceptre), you can consider meta crafting a suffix (T1-2 crit or attack speed). Caution: meta crafting can cost hundreds of exalts without success!
For example, if your sceptre has 3 good prefixes, a fractured suffix and a trash suffix, repeat the following until you get T1-2 crit or attack speed:
a) craft "prefixes cannot be changed"
b) orb of scouring
c) craft "cannot roll caster mods"
d) exalted orb

Crafting a 1.58 aps sceptre
I'd recommend crafting a 1.50 aps sceptre since it's a lot easier to craft. You can get some attack speed from your jewels to make up for the loss of aps on the sceptre.

1. Buy a Karui Sceptre or Grinning Fetish with a fractured T1-2 crit chance mod. These sceptres have a base aps of 1.50, so you don't need an attack speed mod on it.
2. Use a Deafening Essences of Woe.
3. Annul to remove useless mods until the sceptre looks like this:

%increased spell damage (essence mod)
random prefix (optional)
increased crit chance (fractured)

If you remove the spell damage mod, go to step 2.

4. Multimod "add lightning damage to spells" and "trigger socketed spells when you use a skill".

Crafting a 1.27 aps sceptre
The crafting process is the same as 1.58 aps sceptre except that you buy a sceptre with 1.25 base aps (e.g. opal sceptre) instead of a 1.5 aps one.


Look for 11%+ spell block, life and resistances. Increased spell (lightning) damage is a nice bonus but not mandatory.

The best way to obtain a shield with life and spell block is to buy one from the market. If possible, buy a shield with 68-74 ilvl and an open prefix since crusader slamming on it has a 100% chance to put "1% increased damage per block chance", which is another 75% increased damage. Make sure blocking all suffixes when slamming a crusader.


+1 to max power charges, -9 to lightning res, and life. If you are on a low budget, just look for life and elemental resistances.

Cyclone attack speed is good if you have 52% CDR. Otherwise, 40% BL increased damage or conductivity/elemental weakness curse effect are good choices. I personally don't like "BL fires an additional projectile".

1. Buy a base (ilvl 85+) with a desired enchant. An Armour or ES base is desired.
2. Warlord slam.
3. Scour and alt/aug until hitting +1 to max power charges. This step can cost thousands of alts.
4. Imprint.
5. Buy a helmet with "-9 to lightning res".
6. Combine the two helmets with an awakener's orb. When combining, click the -9 lightning res one first, followed by the power charge one.
7. If the helm got good mods, you are done.
8. If the helm got useless mods, annul them.
9. If the annul attempt was successful, multimod life and another useful mod (resists or phys taken as fire, for example).
10. if the annul attempt was unsuccessful, use the imprint and go to step 4.

The low-budget version can be bought or crafted by using life essences or life fossils.

Body armour

Offering effect, life, and attack (or spell) crit chance. Spell crit chance is probably better than attack crit chance, but I chose attack crit chance because I found a good body armour on the market. Offering effect is the most important mod, followed by life and crit chance.

Since all the influence mods can roll on a hunter base, the best way to obtain a good chest is to buy it from the market. If you can't find anything good on the market, combine spell crit (shaper) and offering effect (hunter) by an awakener's orb.


"Enemies in chilling areas take xx% increased lightning damage" is the most important mod. Thus, look for a good roll here. For corrupted implicit, spell crit chance or attack crit chance is probably the best. Choose spell crit if your body chest has attack crit chance, and vice versa, to balance out your crit chance.


30%+ movement speed, and life. If you are aiming at 52% CDR, you need CDR as well.
"Cannot be frozen" is nice but not mandatory on a low budget.

In this section, I will explain how to obtain boots with life, ms and CDR. Boots without CDR can easily be bought from the market.

Low-budget version

1. Buy a pair of boots with 30%+ MS and CDR.
2. Annul unnecessary mods
3. If the annul attempt was successful, multimod life and cannot be frozen.
4. if the annul attempt was unsuccessful, go to step 1.

As long as you buy cheap boots, you don't lose much money by repeating this process.

High-budget version

1. Buy a pair of boots (ilvl 80+) with T1 life, 30+ MS and resistances you want. The boots must have exactly 2 prefixes and 2 suffixes.
2. Block the last prefix by a crafted mod and crusader slam. You have 1/13 chance to hit T1 CDR and 1/13 chance to hit T2 CDR.
3. Craft cannot be frozen.


Life and resistances. ES and armour are a nice bonus. You'll most likely need CDR here. Stygian vise is the best base, but it's fine to use other bases on a low budget.

Buy a stygian vise (ilvl 84+) that meets the following criteria:
1) T1-T2 life
2) a good resist mod
3) 3 prefixes and 1 suffix

Craft "cannot roll caster mod" and slam a crusader's orb. You have 1/3 chance to hit either T1 or T2 CDR.

Note: Since you can sell a failed crusader stygian vise at the same price as a crusader orb, you don't lose too much money even if you fail this crafting many times.


Life, crit multi, and resists. If possible, look for an amulet with the incursion mod (lightning damage leeched as life). You can get life leech from a cluster jewel as well, but that costs a lot of money. It is better to get life leech from an amulet. You may need some dex here.

Adjacent animosty for damage or Soul of steel for defense.

Buy an amulet (ilvl 82+) that meets the following criteria:
1) life
2) resist or the incursion mod (lightning damage leeched as life)
3) 2 prefixes and 2 suffixes

Block the last suffix by a crafted mod and slam a crusader. You have a very high chance to hit something useful. The best crusader mod is "damage penetrates 10% lighting resistance", followed by "+1 to level of all lightning skill gems".


One of our rings is Mark of the Shaper since it grants massive amount of damage. In addition, it creates chilling area, which synergize very well with this build.

This means that the other ring must have an elder influence. It is fine to use a ring with just life and resists, but ideally, you want life gained on spell hit . Also, you may need some dex here.

1. Buy a vermillion ring (ilvl 84+) with a shaper or elder influence.
2. Buy a random ring with the other influence.
3. Combine them with an awakener's orb (click the random ring first, followed by the vermillion ring to combine).
4. Spam Pristine fossils until you hit good life and life gained on hit roll.


Rare jewels

Ideal rare jewels have %increased life and triple crit multi mods, but they are extremely expensive. More realistic option is to use jewels with %life and one or two crit multi mods. Of course, it is a good idea to get some resists (especially chaos res), dex, attack speed etc. if you need them.
Remember that our dps highly relies on crit multi on rare jewels. This is where you want to spend your money.

You need "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" on one of your jewels. If your belt is stygian belt, an abyss jewel is the best place to get it. Abyss jewels can't roll too much crit multi, so the explicit mods on it is less impactful. I'd look for life, dex, attack speed, or chaos res, depending on what I need.

Unique jewels

Militant Faith and Unntural Instinct are core items for this build, although both of them are expensive.

Explanation of Militant Faith

Militant Faith transforms Agnostic to Inner Conviction, which gives you 15-18% more spell damage. On top of that, You'll have 170 devotion thanks to Unnatural Instinct, which in turn gives you a lot of stats.

There is a "feature" that makes the combination of Militant Faith and Unnatural Instinct very strong: (don't open it if you are working on bug fixes in GGG)

Normally, allocated small passives within the radius of Unnatural Instinct gives nothing because of the downside of Unnatural Instinct. However, If the allocated small passives are within the radius of both Unnatural Instinct and Militant Faith, they give the the stats as if they are not within the radius of Unnatural Instinct... Besides, you get bonus devotion, too! This "feature" has existed since the introduction of timeless jewels in Legion.

There are 3 strong mods on Militant Faith:
A) 1% increased aura effect per 10 devotion (17% aura effect with 170 devotion)
B) 4% increased elemental damage per 10 devotion (68% increased damage with 170 devotion)
C) +2% all elemental resist per 10 devotion (+34% all elemental res with 170 devotion)

A and B increases your damage (they offer a similar dps increase), while C makes your gearing a lot easier. It is your choice which mods you take.
Note: Do NOT use "4% increased area damage per 10 devotion", as it will not affect ball lightning damage.

Additionally, Militant Faith has a small chance to convert the two notables (highlighted by the yellow arrows) into something more powerful. Look for the following mods:

"+1 to maximum elemental resistances if you have at least 150 devotion"
"gain arcane surge on hit with spells if you have at least 150 devotion"
"Immune to Elemental Ailments while on Consecrated Ground if you have at least 150 Devotion"
"5% additional Physical Damage Reduction while you have at least 150 Devotion".

Transforming the "Shaper" notable (the upper one) to one of these special mods is recommended only if you have some mana regen in your gear. Otherwise, you'll face a mana regen problem.

How to choose Militant Faith
1. Buy a Militant Faith which has two of the following mods:
A) 1% increased aura effect per 10 devotion
B) 4% increased elemental damage per 10 devotion
C) +2% all elemental res per 10 devotion

Note that these mods can't be rerolled by divine orbs.

In addition, it is better to choose a Militant Faith with "... High Templar DOMINUS" mod, but this is a low priority issue.

2. If your Militant Faith doesn't have the Dominus mod, use divine orbs until the Dominus mod rolls.

3. Socket it in your passive tree and see if the notables are transformed in a way you like. If not, use divine orbs on it until the Dominus mod appears again and repeat.

Rerolling Militant Faith is not a cost-efficient way to improve your character. Do this only when you have a lot of money left.

For Watcher's eye, look for increased crit chance while affected by wrath, since our crit chance is kinda low without it. If possible, try to find another useful mod on Watcher's eye.

Cluster jewels

For large cluster jewels, Stormrider is an essential mod. We rely solely on this for power charge generation. If your amulet doesn't have a life leech mod, you need doryani's lesson as well. Other mods on large cluster jewels should be storm drinker (take at least one for ES leech), sadist, overshock, or widespread destruction.

For Megalomaniac, you want "overlord", which gives you fortify on hit. It is hard to find a megalomaniac with 3 useful mods, so don't be too picky.

A medium cluster jewels is recommended only when you have enough passive points to use it. Pressure points and precise retaliation is what I recommend.


You need the curse immunity mod on a diamond flask.
Cinderswallow is nice because of ES gained on kill.
If you can't afford Bottled Faith, use The Wise Oak or Atziri's Promise instead.

Skill gems

ball lightning - cyclone - (awakened) cast on critical strike - slower projectiles - (awakened) added lightning damage - inspiration

You might want to use increased critical strikes instead of added lightning damage if your crit chance is low (e.g., no bottled faith, no watcher's eye).

vortex - hextouch - conductivity - arcane surge
vortex - awakened hextouch (level 5) - conductivity - elemental weakness

zealotry - wrath - precision - enlighten

level 4 enlighten is desired. If you can't afford it, you may have to spend a passive point on a "4% reduced mana reserved" node.
Don't level up precision too much. Around level 8 precision should be enough to have 100% hit chance.

cast when damage taken (level 1) - wave of conviction (level 1) - blade blast (level 1) - immortal call (level 3).

Don't level up WoC and BB if you don't want to die to phys reflect.

bone offering - desecrate - empower

Socket them into your sceptre.

flame dash - arcane surge (or second wind), vaal RF

use second wind if you link arcane surge with vortex.

For alt gems, see PoB.

Pantheon & Bandit

Bandit: Help Alira
Pantheon: Lunaris and Shakari

How can I improve my damage?
Buy a 21/0 ball lightning gem. They are not that expensive and increase your damage a lot.

How can I improve my clear speed?
While I'm happy with the clear speed of this build, you can improve it by:
1) using HH.
2) replacing slower projectiles support with GMP. Note that you'll lose a lot of DPS by doing this, so this is recommended only for easy content.

Awakened lightning pen vs inspiration
For me inspiration gives slightly more shaper DPS, but it is possible that lightning pen is better for some players. There are other factors that favors inspiration over woke lightning pen: 1) mana cost of cyclone, 2) higher crit chance when you run out of flask charges. You can use woke lightning pen if these factors are not a problem for you.

Why is my crit chance low? I miss ball lightning procs too often.
Do you have enough accuracy rating (ideally 100% hit chance)? if not, make sure to take the passive skills that grant accuracy rating.

Arc is fine but not my taste (less life on hit, less power charge generation). Use whatever skill you like.

This build doesn't scale well with HH, the only benefit being extra movement speed some defensive boost. If that's exactly what you want, use it.

+1 projectile enchant? Dying Sun?
Additional projectiles suck because they don't shotgun. For the same reason, dying sun is not recommended. However, I found additional projectiles useful in Legion encounter, so if you are focusing on it you might want to use these.
Some people have found that additional projectiles help them a lot, so this might come down to personal preferences. If you are in doubt, try it and see if you like it.

Is item X better than item Y?
Most of these questions are pointless because no one can answer them better than PoB. So, the answer is: Ask PoB.

My power charge generation in Shaper/Sirus fights is not consistent. Why?
We need to inflict shock to generate power charges. These bosses have a damage reduction period at the start of each phase. During this period, it is hard to inflict shock even with min-maxed gear. If you wait a few seconds, you should be able to generate power charges.

Can you tell me which checkboxes I should hit in the configuration tab of PoB?
Load my PoB and use the same setting.

The build doesn't work very well for me. why?
Try to follow the guide as exactly as possible. If you made your own modification, that might be the reason the build is underperforming.

Hey, I can't read the guide because it's too long. Can you explain everything on discord?
Hell no.

Gameplay Tips
-Against stationary enemies, keep a maximum distance from them. This way you can maximize your dps.
-Against endgame bosses, try to face tank some attacks to proc CWDT - wave of conviction - blade blast. This way you can increase your dps. Also, these triggered spells might be necessary to inflict shock and to generate power charges, especially if you are on a low budget and don't have too much damage.

DPS calculation
Ball lightning hits a varying number of times per cast. It depends on the distance between you and the target, the hitbox size of the target, and % increased AoE you have. I did some in-game tests and the result is the following:

Without Adjacent Animosity anointment
0-20% increased AoE: 7 times
30-60% increased AoE: 8 times
70-100% increased AoE: 9 times

With Adjacent Animosity anointment
0-30% increased AoE: 8 times
40-70% increased AoE: 9 times
80-100% increased AoE: 10 times

I selected the hunted mansion boss (small hitbox) as the target for this experiment.

DPS = (AverageDamage(ball lightning)) * EffectiveCritChance(cyclone) * AttackRate(cyclone) * (# of hits per cast)

Note that for the first 2 seconds your actual DPS is lower than the calculated DPS, because during this period the number of BL projectiles is not enough. Unfortunately, almost all enemies die in 2 seconds, so you rarely see your real DPS.

Necro + Pathfinder version

Please note that this section is written in 3.13. Some of the information below is outdated. While this version might be stronger than the Necro + Jugg version, it is more gear-dependent. Because Harvest has been nerfed, it might be hard to play this version.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/eSGrCwKy (recommended, 2 large cluster jewels)

https://pastebin.com/2A1XaM2V (min-maxed version, 3 large cluster jewels)

Stun immunity: Stack "chance to avoid being stunned to 100%. 25-35% from body armour, 20% from amulet anoint (arcane swiftness), 28% from the passive tree, and 20% from implicit mods on jewels. You can't have stun immunity in the early to mid game, but the play experience was not too bad. Thus, it's OK not to have stun immunity before facing endgame contents.

Accuracy: Use one or two rings with T1 flat accuracy. Also, level up Precision to 21. You may need to allocate an extra "4% reduced mana reserved" near the templar starting area.

Elemental ailment immunity: Stack "chance to avoid elemental ailments" to 100%. 35% from body armour, 20% from passive tree, 20% from amulet anoint (arcane swiftness), 25% from the crafted mod on helmet. You need exactly 35% from body armour. You can reroll this mod by using "reroll values of fire/cold/lightning mods" harvest crafts.

Str or int bases are recommended for necro + jugg, but you should use dex bases if you take necro + PF. Also, Mark of the shaper may not be the best choice anymore, since we can craft good rares using Harvest.

Example of Harvest crafting

Body armour (the left one, cheaper)

1) Buy a level 86+ 6-link base
2) hunter orb
3) alt/aug until T1 offering effect
4) imprint (beastcrafting)
5) regal
6) From here, you have to be flexible. "spell crit" can be added by using "augment a crit/caster mod" or "remove non-crit/caster, add crit/caster". "Attack crit" can be added in a similar manner but using crit or attack crafts. "Additional curse" is a caster mod and can be added in a similar manner.
7). If your item bricked for some reason, use the imprint and go back to step 4.
8) Augment life, or craft a life mod and use remove/add life.

Body armour (the right one, expensive)
Use this body chest if you have good gear (8%+ crit chance on sceptre, bottled faith, watcher's eye with inc crit chance, etc.) Otherwise, your attack crit chance might become too low.

1) Buy a level 86+ 6-link base (base A)
2) hunter orb
3) alt/aug until T1 offering effect
4) imprint (beastcrafting)
5) Buy a body armour with "T1 increased effect of non-curse auras from your skills" and another influence mod (base B).
6) Use a Maven's orb on base B.
7) If the Maven's orb removed the aura mod, ditch it and go to step 5.
8) If the aura mod was elevated, combine bases A and B by an awakener's orb.
9) If needed, remove unnecessary mods by either annul or Harvest crafting.
10) If the annul attempt was unsuccessful, use the imprint and go to step 4.
11) If you successfully removed unncessary mods, fill the prefixes by a crafted mod and use "aug caster" for T1 spell crit mod. If you hit T2 spell crit, use "remove/add caster".
12) Remove the crafted mod and use "aug caster" for "you can apply an additional curse".
13) Aug life for a life mod.


1. Buy a shaper ring (ilvl 84) and spam pristine fossils or "reforge life" harvest crafting until T1-2 life and life gain on spell hits roll.
2. Block suffixes. Then, augment lightning and remove/add lightning for the 3rd prefix.
3. "reroll while keeping prefixes" until you get something useful, then add resistances (autment fire/cold/lighting/chaos) or damage mods (ass mark or increased spell damage, aug caster).


1. Buy Shaper boots and alt spam until "10-15% incresed cooldown recovery speed". Make sure that this is the only influence mod on the item.
3. Buy a pair of boots with "x% chance to gain elusive on critical strike". Make sure that this is the only influence mod on this item. Alternatively, buy a pair of redeemer boots (ilvl 75+) and use "reforge with crit", "remove non-crit, add crit", or "aug crit" craft on it.
3. Combined the two boots by an awakener's orb.
4. Remove unnecessary mods by either annul or Harvest crafting.
5. If you successfully removed all unnecessary mods, go to step 8.
6. If your annul attempt was unsuccessful, scour and alt spam for "10-15% incresed cooldown recovery speed".
7. "Aug crit" for the elusive mod.
8. Fill the suffixes by resist mods (aug fire/cold/lightning/chaos mods, or use craft bench).
9. "Aug life", or craft a life mod and use "remove/add life" for a life mod.
10. "Aug speed", or craft a movement speed mod and use "remove/add speed".


1. Buy s Stygian Vice (ilvl 84+) with T1 life and at least one good resist mod. The prefix mods must be removable by harvest crafts (remove defense/physical). Alternatively, spam essences (T1 fire/cold/lightning/chaos resitances, choose what you need) until you find T1 life as well.
2. Block prefixes by bench craft if needed. Use a crusader orb on it. You could increase the chance of success if you craft "cannot roll caster modifiers".
3. If you get "16-20% cooldown recovery rate", go to step 5.
4. "Remove/add influence mods" until you get "16-20% cooldown recovery rate". Remember that "cannot roll caster modifiers" metacraft does not interact with this harvest craft.
5. Fill the suffixes with resist mods if needed (aug fire/cold/lightning/chaos).
6. Remove all prefixes except the T1 life mod.
7. "Aug crit" for "crit chance against shocked enemies".
8. You have two choices here. The first one is to craft "8% increased effect of flasks on you" and call it a day. The other option is to use "aug lightning" for "x% increased lightning damage".

Sceptre (hardest one)
Remember that crafting a good sceptre is pretty hard even with Harvest crafting. Thus, you should take this craft as an ultimate goal of a league. A good sceptre is not a requirement to play the build. For example, I killed Maven using a weapon that I bought for <10c on the second day of the league.

1. Pick up Karui Sceptres (ilvl 73+) when you run maps.
2. Use essences (T0 attack speed) on them.
3. "Randomise attack modifiers" until the attack speed mod becomes "30% increased attack speed".
4. Fracture it by using Harvest.
5. The hardest part: Use essences (spell damage), "reforge with a caster mod", or "reforge with a lightning mod" until you find good prefixes.
6. Now, the prefixes are done. If necessary, use "reforge while keeping prefixes" until you remove all unnecessary suffixes.
7. "Aug attack" or "aug crit" for crit chance.
8. Craft "trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill".

1. Buy a base helmet(ilvl 85+, base A). The new helmet base (increased effect of fortify) is a good defensive option, but it's hard to find a good enchant on it. If you want more damage, you should buy a regular helmet base with "40% increased ball lighting damage".
2. Warlord orb on base A.
3. Alt spam until "+1 to maximum power charges"
4. Imprint (beast crafting).
5. Buy a helmet with "-9 to lightning res" (base B). If you are rich, buy a helmet with another influence mod and use a maven's orb to gain the eleveted mod.
6. Combine bases A and B with an awakener's orb. When combining, click base B first, followed by base A.
7. Remove unnecessary mods by either annul or Harvest crafting.
8. If you successfully removed all unnecessary mods, go to step 10.
9. If your annul attempt was unsuccessful, use the imprint and go to step 4.
10. If necessary, add a resist mod with Harvest crafting
11. Fill the suffixes by a crafted mod. Then, aug life for a life mod.
12. Aug fire for "phys damage taken as fire".
13. Craft "25% chance to avoid elemental ailments".


Crafting method is the same as before (see the Gear section) except that you can use "remove/add influence mod" when you fail a crusader slam.

Here, I want to share some interesting interaction:
1) The incursion mod (lightning damage leeched as life + lightning res) has a life tag, and fertile catalysts (life and mana) increases the lightning res!.

2) There are 3 kinds of incursion mods on amulets: fire leech + fire res, cold leech + cold res, and lightning leech + lightning res.
If you use the harvest craft that swaps elemental resistances, the leech element changes, too. For example, if you use "change a fire res mod to a similar lightning res mod" on an amulet with "fire damage leeched as life, fire resistance", the amulet gains "lightning damage leeched as life, lightning resistance".

it's not easy to find a good Megalomaniac with 3 good mods, including Overlord. Because of this, I decided to drop my Megalomaniac and use a large cluster jewel with Overlord.
Because Overlord is the only useful notable that can roll on this cluster jewel type, I take only 1 notable, as you can see below.

Large Image

The best combination of notables is Overlord + Vicious Skewering. All other combinations of notable mods put Overlord at the furthest position, forcing you to waste two additional passive points. If you want to craft this one, buy a jewel with overlord (the only notable mod) and use "aug phys". The possible outcome is either Vicious Skewering (75% chance) or Devastator (25%).

Remember that the benefit of using a large cluster jewel in place of a Megalomaniac is that you can use more rare jewels (%life + at least two crit multi mods). If you don't have/can't afford them, Megalomaniac should be better.

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Budget Option

In this section, I explain my gear and passive tree used in the 1-week Mayhem event. Since I played in SSF, my gear is pretty shitty. I hope this section will help people who play the build as a league starter.
A word of warning. To be honest, this is not the best league starter at all. Its dps is too much dependent on gear. You may struggle a bit while early mapping, if you can't earn money/find good items efficiently.

Estimated cost of this budget gear: free (since I played in SSF), or 1-2 ex if you want to buy everything. The major cost is a 6-link body armour. The build requires zero uniques.

What you can achieve with the budget version: General mapping up to T16. As long as you reroll dangerous mods, you'll rarely die while mapping T16s. Conquerors and Sirus are possible, but the fights tend to take a long time. It took more than 1 min to kill conquerors except Baran.


A sceptre or rune dagger with good AS and crit chance. Don't use a weapon that exceeds the aps breakpoint!
Body armour
Any 6-link with an appropriate color. Shroud of the Lightless was used because it was the only 6-link I found during the 1 week event.
Shaper or Crusader belt (ilvl>75) and alt/regal to roll "11-15% CDR". Then use divines until 14-15% CDR rolls.
The temple mod (lightning damage leeched as life) is your best friend.
At least one of the rings should have life gained on spell hits. Craft a shaper or crusader ring with either alt/regal or pristine fossils.
Look for life, crit multi, and %increased spell/projectile/lighting damage. All the jewels listed above were crafted by alt/regal.

1) ascendancy choice: Jugg/assassin instead of Jugg/necro because I didn't have access to cluster jewels for power charge generation. Also, I didn't have the trigger craft. If you have both, you should take necro instead of assassin.
2) increased crit support: You need this on a low budget because your crit chance is low.
3) I used level 2 enlighten, but you can run all auras without enlighten.

Leveling Guide

PoB: https://pastebin.com/bcwSifTy
Passive Tree

Ascendancy Points
Take Assassin first, followed by Jugg. You need Assassin for power charge generation. You can respec it and take Necro once you have both of the following:
1. "Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill" craft
2. A large cluster jewel with "Stormrider" for power charge generation.

Skill Gems and Gear
Level 2 Fireball - (arcane surge) - (added cold damage)

Remember that frost blink deals a lot of damage while clearing. It is a good idea to support frost blink with added lightning (cold) support if you have enough sockets.

Level 12
Storm brand - added cold damage - added lightning damage
(swap added lightning to conc support later)
frost blink - arcane surge (level 5) - added cold damage

Level 16
herald of ice

Level 20
Use the following vendor recipe to make two wands:
a magic wand
a rare topaz ring
an orb of alteration

One of the wands must be a wand with the base attack rate of 1.3. It will be used after swapping to spellslinger at level 31. It can be used at least until the end of Act 5, but you might want to craft a new one after Act 6.

Level 31 Complete the quest in Library and switch to the following setup:
Spellslinger - ball lightning - slower projectiles - (elemental focus)
Spellslinger - wave of conviction - physical to lightning - (innervate)
frenzy - (hextouch) - (conductivity)
Ditch one of the wands and equip a shield, otherwise your attack rate will be too high.
Keep frenzy level 1 because you don't want to increase the dex requirement.

I'd recommend transitioning to CoC after completing the questline.

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can you do some videos about general mapping/ heisting
can you do some videos about general mapping/ heisting

Done. A delirium mirror randomly spawned, but the gameplay doesn't change that much.
You are awesome mate! I love your builds! Im thinking about get this build from my old heist wicht spectre summoner, just for fun. Im not sure about waste 15 hours on level a new character as ascendant xD
Gorrinako wrote:
You are awesome mate! I love your builds! Im thinking about get this build from my old heist wicht spectre summoner, just for fun. Im not sure about waste 15 hours on level a new character as ascendant xD

Well, I guess the necro version would be a lot weaker. It's worth making a new lady imo.
Im building my char and i have this pretty gloves, maybe good for this build?? Because of the "increased damage with hits against chilled enemies"
Gorrinako wrote:
Im building my char and i have this pretty gloves, maybe good for this build?? Because of the "increased damage with hits against chilled enemies"

It grangs more life and resists but a lot less damage.
N0esy wrote:
Gorrinako wrote:
Im building my char and i have this pretty gloves, maybe good for this build?? Because of the "increased damage with hits against chilled enemies"

It grangs more life and resists but a lot less damage.

I thought that mod is good, but.. ball lighning make "hits"? Or just a weapon like sword or bow can get "hits"?
enemies you kill explode be ok on chest piece?

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