Content Update 3.15.0 -- Path of Exile: Expedition

So.. basically.

Nerfed players (as usual)
Monsters damage buffed (yet again)
1 boss "nerfed" because you nerfed poison by 50% the rest of the bosses (who knows, waste more your time and find out exile!)

Support gems: I saw nerfs from 10 up to 50-55% to damage.
Mobility nerfed.
Flasks: .. (well dusted horse but lame excuse like I said earlier to "protect" the players from piano flasking but yet refusing to do something with a much worse enemy which is the clicking pennies on maps every league)
Unique flasks: 50% nerfs in most cases looks like rip bottled faith we will see. (good job killing the endgame chase items but HH still there heh)
Gems: eh.. meh some buffs nothing too crazy.

Ascendencies nerfed yet again to pander the way for poe2.

Why aside the same npcs that like to eat bad food should eat on your restaurant TGGG? they shouldnt is the answer.

I would like to remind to whoever read this that they WILL KEEP NERFING FROM HERE ON until poe2 to start the cycle again.

It would be actually wise to drop the game now and be back on poe2. But what they actually want is to people to clog the servers on every expansion that's how they call it a "success" not because the player is experimenting with the changes..
This league will be a "success" already not because some players are against the nerfs but because the numbers and twitch numbers. Like every league it works, it works because people that play trade league has to get going the within the first 3 weeks of the league after that the market is complete fucked and dead by then.
Don't be a poe stan. Use your fucking brain.
From manifesto: "Dying Sun still grants 15-25% area of effect and 2 additional projectiles"

From patch notes: "The Dying Sun unique flask now has 10-20% increased Area of Effect during Flask Effect (previously 15-25%)"

So which one is it?
Time to move on guys.

Not gonna take twice as long to reach end game just to suffer with absurd PS4 economy prices to do half-assed dps and never be able to do real endgame content.

It was a fun ride while it lasted but I'm just fed up with this c***p nerfs after nerfs and more nerfs, also nerfs.

And "deterministic craft" extermination as if it was a real thing.

Good luck all.

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Well my build is untouched. Looks like a total of 60% less damage across the board, 70% less movespeed, and lots of less stacking for the .1%. Good overall
Shook Hands with Chris - Check
Got Picture next to Chris - Check
Life Complete - Check
Those mana multiplier changes tho...
RitualMurder wrote:


So much worse than expected.

So sad.

The beginning of the end for poe.

I hope not...
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Tyrm wrote:
Well my build is untouched. Looks like a total of 60% less damage across the board, 70% less movespeed, and lots of less stacking for the .1%. Good overall

Dont forget monster buffs, corrupted blood/bleeding buffs for monsters, more chaos/poison for monsters and nerf all flasks originally designed to protect you from all these crap.
Am speechless......

All risk, no rewards.

Wallet remains closed tighter than a v****n's legs.
"We tell people that Path of Exile league starts are a fair playing field for everyone, and we need to actually make sure that is the reality."

Perhaps GGG should consider a leadership change.
Added a new “Prismatic” Gem Tag. This applies to skills which pick a random element to attack with, avoiding choosing the same element twice in a row. Elemental Hit and Wild Strike now have this tag === ele hit no more longer elemental tags?
The "of Adrenaline" Flask Suffix now has 6-8% increased Movement Speed during Flask effect (previously 20-30%).

Cast when Damage Taken:
Now has a 250% Cost and Reservation Multiplier.

Gamewide Poison now does 50% more damage (taking 30% of the combined Physical and Chaos Damage, up from 20%).

what in ever loving Fu*k did we do to deserve this. these nerf are bananas. it like yall are adults giving out candy. and then get mad seeing other kids having better stuff and costumes and two caring parents that are willing to drive them to other towns to get more candy but instead of putting more candy or better candy. you start putting razor blades and rusty nails in all children's candy. you tell yourself "it's no big deal. hell, I might get away with this. if the children eat the candy while going to other people's houses. they will definitely slow down and enjoy what they just ate. but if they get mad or even quit who cares. Who the hell remember what house you got candy from that might have a razor blade in it. you will be too busy at the hospital getting your child ready for surgery." but at the end of the day, you can sleep easy knowing that at least you have people coming to support you and keep coming to your house and getting your free candy.

the only nice things I see is these patch notes are
Act Bosses throughout the campaign now drop fewer but significantly better items.

Spell Totem:
Supported Skills now deal 28-24% less Damage (previously 35-26%).
Spells Cast by Totem now has 40% less Cast Speed (previously 30%).

nearly wish it was for all bosses like end game bosses. and completely remove less damage from spell totem but it cool. see yall in the game
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