Path of Exile: Royale — Everything You Need To Know

Lack of console support is pretty disappointing
this is madness! This is POE!
Check my [3.0] [STARTER] [MINER] FROSTBolt KING - ATZ/uLAB /Guardians/Vaal Temple # CI/LIFE-MOM # ###
Still can't believe they made it lol.
Will you be able to add that left hand tree to the main game? I know the regular tree is much larger, but if you can move around and zoom in, taking your points, it would be amazing.
Missed Royal last time.

So hyped to play it as the only game I been playing last few weeks is Path of Building.

Also league...pretty eh but thanks.
"The key to winning any fight is simply staying alive."
Will Royale be available for console?
very poggers
Console when?
So you work on some BR sheet, then fix ur game? Rly "nice" job TENCENT GGG

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