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I want more battle royale !
please GGG
Yesssss! So excited.

Probably just watching for this first weekend, but you bet I'll be watching a lot of streams. Hopefully stream views counts as sufficient 'engagement' for it to be considered a success?
I doubt this matters, but having enjoyed the BR mode, there's just a little too much RNG that makes half the games unenjoyable. There's also no real difference in the class you select either, which seems weird.

A couple thoughts I had:

- You start with 1 skill gem and 2 support gems gated by levels (4 and 6).
- Your class dictates the "signature" gem for that character. ie, lightning arrow for the ranger, sweep for the marauder, etc...

This makes the overall play pattern more consistent, where you start with the lower level gem such as Lightning Arrow in this example. Eventually unlock Faster Attacks and Point Blank at level 4 and 6. And have the ability to find upgrades, be it Explosive Arrow, LMP, etc... that incentivizes killing and looting without making it a requirement to find the gem first to do so.

Having not played this mode a few years ago, I jumped in over the weekend for the memes, and it was a blast. Great job.

Now just work on the balance ;)
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It's not something for me but it's a good addition to the game. Tournaments in this mode will be probably a big thing in the future. Something different than races ... and races ... and more races is needed in the long term :)
Make chests and other random clickables that don't drop good loot actually count as caches. I'm talking about Chests, Weapon Racks, those vases in the desert area that I can't ever remember the name of.

Make all the chests, caches, and other looting clickables make a loud and distinct sound when opened. And make them drop their loot over a period of time of say 8 to 10 seconds. The reasons for that are as follows: this will kill greedy players who rush ahead and ignore monsters, this will make PvP happen more frequently as nearby players will rush to fight for resources, and it will slow down players from "getting ahead" and thus even out the playing field and partially prevent the mad rush to the center.

Spread caches more evenly. Right now it feels like caches come in clusters, and finding a cluster with 3+ caches together and looting everything feels like cheating.

The Life Gain on Hit/reduced flask effect node is grossly overpowered. As is LGoH in general. The stat should be nerfed significantly. I propose the starter claw to be 1LGoH, and the higher version to be 2LGoH. The notable should be brought down to 3 or 4, and remove the flask reduction.

Standardize gear drops in terms of power and level requirement. Make gear fall into two tiers. Tier 1 gear is starter gear and found on the beach and the first upper tier; requires level 1. Tier 2 gear is found on the higher level areas towards the center, and they all require level 6 (instead of 7-8-9-10). Make T1 boots cap out at 10%MS. Make T2 boots cap out at 15%MS. Make single resist rings, iron rings, life, and mana rings t1. Make every other type of ring T2. Add Amethyst rings.

Give everyone a crappy starter gem based on class. Duelists get Cleave, Rangers get Lightning Arrow, Witches get Frostbolt, etc. Basically give everyone a skill that they can clear with, but not one that people will really want to commit to building into. Give the Scion a random gem based on the ones given to the other 6 classes.
Hello everybody, I would just like to ask GGG to please keep this mode alive !

I have just started my first campaign, there is A LOT for me to learn, so I may only consider myself able to play the BR mode in a few weeks/months..

Basically, I ask... WAIT FOR ME ! Keep this mode going, please !

when i join Battle Royale, there is only 1/100 to 4/100 and this number never improve, even if I wait 30min...
And if friends go on Battle Royale, they can play after few minutes.

Why i'm not in the same queue ? What can i do ?
I for one will never play this mode... too stressing for my old heart but love to watch streamers going at it.

More fun than the RIP clips I see out there.

Quinn and Mathil were a blast to watch even though they got cleaned up.

Looking forward to watching more epic battles ahead

I was wondering if this would ever come back. Excellent! Thanks GGG!
This is my favourite battle royal of all time! I can only imagine how hard it is to balance this. Great work to everyone at the team and please keep the updates coming! I know I can't be the only one who loves this more than any other battle royale!The melee felt like the main method people were winning but I'm sure I'm still just needing more practice!!

My only wish would be for a very basic summoning build to be implemented, possibly reaper or strong zombies. I think it would make for some memorable encounters.

Is there a possibility we would ever see a battle royale shop where you could spend points that you earn from battle royale? I love that there is a unique evolving furniture however, I'm one of those exiles who doesn't make it to the final circle XD

Overall this mode is amazing and well balanced. I literally play all weekend, Thanks GGG!

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