Path of Exile: Royale — Everything You Need To Know

any rewards whatsoever?
Damn, would be nice for an extended play version with a stash of some sort. Coming from MLBB, the passive tree looks so much better than the standard version, please incorporate that idea into the core game. Passive tree as is *shakes head "no"* not satisfactory from a realistic growth standpoint.
The current tree is obnoxious, why so many options when there's so few outlets? KISS, simplicity can be super complex. As is if you're wanting to experiment it's cross your fingers this goes well. Clearing the clutter would do so much awesomeness for this game, it's ridiculous that it's even a conversation point. Have you seen the skill tree? It's like "make up your mind bruh", it's a complexity that shields the lack of depth this game has. There's still the sense of Path of Spam AKA PoS, if it was Path of Skill, that'd be another story, but it's not.
taking the level requirement and dropping it dramatically *2 thumbs up* ought to drop the lvl req and stick to stat requirements for every item.

For example, how often to you go into a hats store and not try on a hat because it's lvl requirement is too high? How do you lose links and sockets when it's an additive process? WHY CAN'T YOU KEEP THE COLORS? WHY ARE THERE COLORS TO BEGIN WITH?!? There's so much excessive nonsense in this game that it's watered down mirrors, unless you're playing standard no skill edition.

When I take over as director, this game will be great, until then... Watch the numbers suffer.
Amazing! It'd be even more amazing with a squad-queue (people queue and get matchmaked with 2 partners pitted against other teams of 3)!
Nice GGG :D
Where can we see pvp tree and gem list? it is absolutely impossible to play without memorizing this information !!

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