0.10.5 Patch Notes

samwow412 wrote:
We need a way to redo bandit quests :((

I want the +1 power charges now!

Something like Uber Bandits from a map would give you a bandit respec :D

Chris mentioned in an interview in August with Krip, that they are planning to "sell" these respecs for a few Regret orbs. Essentially.
The bandit waypoints have been moved away from their camps to prevent trivial boss farming.

Changes like that are just stupid. Just make them drop only a quest item and there is no "boss farming" not to mention drop rates are that poor so players are trying to find such abuseable places.

River Crossings and Vaal Ruins was also such a stupid change.

The next change like this will be "Removed Mud Flats Waypoint so farming Hailrake/The Necromancer gets harder"?

WPs in RPGs are created so you can continue to do quests. Like get the WP go offline and kill the boss the next time you go online.

You can remove WPs at all instead of creating patches making maphhacks more and more appealing by placing WP tilesets in the middle of nowhere.

The Slums area has been modified so that it's easier to find objectives (and is less circular).

It may be circular but then it should be a closed circle and predicable like Sewers in the middle, WP at one location, Classisa clockwise located from WP, exit counterclockwise located from WP, just like D2 hat its rules for exits.

The Silverbranch unique item has been changed so that it only grants +1 to bow skills. Old ones will not change unless you use a Divine Orb on them.

I smell a Legacy league in future.

The Additional Accuracy support gem is now Dexterity/Strength rather than pure Dexterity.

The main problem is Accuracy isn't appealing at all since Dex or Dexhybrid builds already got a 80-90%+ hit chance and even without Dex at all you got a 50% hitchance.

This would end up being one of the better patches ever. Thanks for all the effort.

Only 2 concerns:

*Is aura and effects nerfs mandatory or optional? I love to watch all the auras on my minions when playing alone, and even in short parties on my friends. I would love if this is optional like in options pannel. Same with multiple crits. Please try to implement it as an option (if possible).

*The new +1 bow is a TERRIBLE thing. Not about the bow, but you must change every bow in the game. I understand why you do this, because can turn into furious rage if their items changed. But guys, it happens the same with the gems when you change things. Please don't let older bows different, this is a terrible terrible thing for the game. Even some people can be cheated about it in trades. But the sad part is having same items with different properties, some of them legacy ones. Please reconsider and don't do it. Change all, or don't change any at all.

Really a huge concern if you start acting like this.

Another drowback: I still wait for my minions and totems showing life again. Even as an option. But summoners still feel bad for this.
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Elemental damage visual on-hit effects now only play for the highest damaging element of the hit (tiebreakers: chaos > fire > cold > lightning).

I dun see this as a positive; I always enjoyed seeing multiple crit effects on mobs. =-[.]-=
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do melee support gems work with minions?
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tl;dr: Great patch GGG, hoping for much much more in future.
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Critical strikes have been standardised in how they interact with repeating actions. The critical roll is made only once per action, regardless of how many repeats that action does. Exceptions are Tempest Shield (which rolls each time you block), Piety's Ball Lightning (which rolls per target) and Infernal Blow/Explosive Arrow (which roll separately for the explosion).

That makes me kinda sad. Won't be freezing whole groups of mobs with Frost Nova then, oh well.
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can we have some infos on the gems? AoE radius and damage effectiveness?
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DaveSW wrote:
and delete all but one or two of them.


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