0.10.5 Patch Notes

What the hell... what happened to that sweet 2H sword animations for shadow, I just fired up an old 2hander shadow to transfer some stuff and decided to take him for a spin and lo!

Before, they were sweeet, the stance, the swings, now they're just generic. I'd REALLY like to know whatever the hell possessed them to tweak it?

Jeez, if they "improved" staff animations too I'm gonna get really pissed, now I have to go and check it.

I knew it, now they look just like any other character's, dammit WHY, they were damn near perfect and very distinctive. I didn't quite like duelist animation rehaul but these are almost a crime against style and good taste.
Wish the armchair developers would go back to developing armchairs.

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does multi strike work with dual strike by any chance?
nice patch
fix that bug with whispering....
when i click on the nick it shows me wrong person ...
I really don't care about whether or not the auras are less flashy, PLEASE make them all show on my minions, and make them easier to see. I don't use anything besides minions, a totem, and curses, so I spend most of my time making sure I've got all my minions inside my aura radius without getting into danger, and as they are now (the auras) I can't actually tell whether my minions are in range of them in the heat of battle.

I'm also planning on making a pure support character with conduit and discharge, and not being able to tell very easily whether other players are inside my aura radius would be really annoying.
i hope it could fix some error with the graphics cards.. some of it i have experienced with
honestly i dont like these new auras..too simplified and too dumbed down..i dont see any performance increase in the game wat soever..they all just boring rings now..want to be able to switch it on/off in menu as it is a personal choice..like back in titan quest days they also dumbed it down and it looked stupid
I enjoy the new auras, I'm actually able to watch my character doing stuff now, instead of seeing floating huge shields and balls and rays.

Also, please do NOT (fix/change/nerf/listen to qqers) multistrike because it is AWESOME. 0.07 attack time on double strike makes my duelist look like a paper shredder without changing the damage much (was 10k before, 11k dps now so it's not broken), and it is ppppppperrrrfect. It's exactly what I wanted from this character, and if it gets nerfed or such I will probably turn into a raging gorilla.
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I only have one 'complaint' after the new patch....I know and understand that the auras were a bit draining on resources....BUT, I really wish there was a way to have a performance setting to allow the full visual effects of the auras if your system could handle it. The visual downgrading makes the auras boring, and at some times, nearly impossible to see. Let some of us have the full effect back! Please ;)

Any dev's comment on if there will be an option in the future? A few others had commented in Global chat as well, so I know I'm not alone.
Yes...horrible auras now...and my old pc suffers as it has been doing before this patch...
Anyway very nice support gems thank you GGG!

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