0.10.5 Patch Notes

Version 0.10.5
  • Added a new Strength Support Gem - Melee Splash: Adds an area of effect splash radius to a single target melee attack.
  • Added a new Strength/Dexterity Support Gem - Multistrike: Causes you to attack quickly three times with a melee attack. New targets are selected for subsequent attacks if available.
  • Added a new Intelligence Support Gem - Power Charge on Critical: Critical strikes with the supported skill have a chance of granting you a Power Charge.
  • Added four new Unique items, two of which were designed by our Diamond supporters.
  • To improve performance, we have reduced the complexity of most visual aura effects.
  • Friendly targets now have an effect showing that they are under the influence of any aura, rather than displaying all the full aura effects.
  • The bandit waypoints have been moved away from their camps to prevent trivial boss farming.
  • The Slums area has been modified so that it's easier to find objectives (and is less circular).
  • All combinations of dual-wielded weapons on the Shadow class that didn't have their own animations now do.
  • The burning effect has been visually improved.
  • Elemental damage visual on-hit effects now only play for the highest damaging element of the hit (tiebreakers: chaos > fire > cold > lightning).
  • Microtransaction effects now affect the entire length of a staff.
  • Some monsters (such as Rhoas) have had their sounds redone.
  • Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects and environments and audio.

  • Incinerate: The mana cost progression has been reduced, so higher levels of Incinerate cost less mana to use.
  • Viper Strike: Intentionally does not work with Melee Splash at the moment.
  • The range of Arc used by Blackguard Arcmages has been reduced.
  • On the Cemetery map, there's now more distance between monsters and the spawn point or the door. This makes it a little safer when transitioning into the area.
  • The Voll's Protector unique item has been changed so that it grants a power charge per target critically struck. This does affect items generated in previous patches.
  • The Silverbranch unique item has been changed so that it only grants +1 to bow skills. Old ones will not change unless you use a Divine Orb on them.
  • Critical strikes have been standardised in how they interact with repeating actions. The critical roll is made only once per action, regardless of how many repeats that action does. Exceptions are Tempest Shield (which rolls each time you block), Piety's Ball Lightning (which rolls per target) and Infernal Blow/Explosive Arrow (which roll separately for the explosion).
  • The Additional Accuracy support gem is now Dexterity/Strength rather than pure Dexterity.
  • Melee Splash is first given as a quest reward in the "Sharp and Cruel" quest (Normal difficulty, despite the Cruel in the name) to the Templar, Marauder, Duelist, Shadow and Ranger. Witches receive it in the "Sever the Right Hand" quest (Cruel difficulty).
  • Power Charge on Critical is first given to Witches and Shadows in the "Sharp and Cruel" quest (Normal difficulty) and to Templars in the "Sever the Right Hand" quest (Normal difficulty).
  • Multistrike is currently a world drop support gem.
  • Victario's hidden stashes now drop normal items as well as their quest items.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where some objects such as doors and portals were not clickable.
  • Fixed a bug where ctrl+clicking a skill book quest reward did not work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where skill book quest rewards would act strangely when taken to other difficulties.
  • Fixed a bug where "Quest Complete" would not be shown if you complete a quest from another difficulty.
  • Fixed problems related to the rendering of some chat messages.
  • Fixed bugs related to the display of quest notifications under some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug with Conduit where some players would not get the shared charges under some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where Unique items that grant Conduit did not work correctly.
  • Passive tree life regeneration nodes now have consistent art.
  • Fixed a bug where Piety's portals would not disappear when she died.
  • Fixed a bug where increased flask duration wasn't applied to utility flasks.
  • Fixed a bug where you would move if you click on the health or mana orbs while on the passive skill screen.
  • Fixed the world panel not showing correct quest when you click the ! (notification) button for a quest in another difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug with Arctic Armour, mana regeneration, and reaching exactly 0 mana.

If you like this patch, please support us! Thanks again for your great feedback and generous support. It really helps.

There will be an update about combat/movement synchronisation posted in the next few days (in the upcoming Development Manifest forum). There's no need to post in this patch notes thread asking what the status is about these changes - we definitely hear you :)
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First. Because all the cool kids are doing it.

Also, can't wait to hear what people make of this patch.
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looks good, thanks chris!
Wall of text! Looking forward to it.

But power charge on crit - I just killed Merciless Alira. Please find a way to implement bandit respecs :(
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Oh my.

Power Charge support gem with Freezing pulse.


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Can you confirm if melee splash functions with Cyclone? It did in the beta because each hit somehow counted as a single hit..
Charan wrote:

he's alive!! oh .. wait.. patch notes? coo

Chris wrote:
Elemental damage on-hit effects now only play for the highest damaging element of the hit (tiebreakers: chaos > fire > cold > lightning).

Can we get a bit of info on the new support gems? I really need to know the mana cost multipliers so I can plan out my character.

I will buy 20$ in microtransactions if you reply :D
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Last edited by DeltruS on Apr 4, 2013, 11:26:57 PM
"Elemental damage on-hit effects now only play for the highest damaging element of the hit (tiebreakers: chaos > fire > cold > lightning)."

Uh.. is this for shock/burn/freeze(chill) or what? Is it just for criticals? This absolutely ruins some builds that go for +chance to shock/burn/freeze nodes..

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