[3.19] ⚛️ Qosmoz's 🔥 Blazing Salvo Mines Saboteur 🔥 League Start to Uber Bosses!

reptoon wrote:
Both your mine builds have major issues with degen

can you solve this in your guide, even if you lose some dps?

Not my builds, all builds have the same issue. Ggg made the degen grounds damaged scaled to the roof. If that’s what you want to solve, remove the bonechill support (from EoW) or use under ring to add vitality. That should give enough regen for those moments.
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Actually a decent build, just did uber shaper with 10 div investment.

It's a bit on the squishy side so far as I still need gg ring, belt, boots and gloves, but the burst damage is fantastic and the mapping is comfy.

I fixed all mana problems with mana mastery recover 10% of mana when you use a skill, used eldritch implicit mine throw speed on gloves, also anomalous bear trap, divergent WoC were helpful, thanks for the build, will surely attempt the rest of uber pinnacle bosses.
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Need some help from you guys.
Respeced my trickster into this. Damage is fine, mapping is okay, but there is one thing I noticed.
Is there anything holding me off from recovering ES on kill with Soul Thief & Polymath forbidden jewels?

I feel like this mod is not working at all? I was standing in a room a map with 50% ES; killed like 20 mobs and my ES did not change at all? Only after the recharge kicked back in.
Also PoB does not calculate in these mod in terms of ES regen at all...

Thanks ahead

//just realized kills count to the mines, so they recover ES on kill ;D
Whats the point to use polymath then though?
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Anyone who can tell me why i can't use all my 3 main auras in prism guard?
all have 33.33% life reservation, but i cant get to toggle the last?

Anything i might have missed?
plisssssss! 3.20 hahahaha!

Can you swap BS for Fireball and use the same tree?

How will it perform do you think?
pliiisss update for 3.22!!!!
I am still not sure but potentially I plan to play the new league. I will see if I can update this guide next week. Isn’t hexblast better now? I am so far away from the game not even sure anymore.
it's just that after your guide I fell in love with the build, but hexblast must be stronger, sorry if I bothered you
You did not bother me at all. I don’t play the game in the last 2-3 leagues except maybe a day or two. I am still undecided for the new league. I have massive pain on my hand when I play it. Maybe I will try RF style play this league around.

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