Badger Team vs Team Private League Event

onigokko0101 wrote:
Yeah it would be nice to know how for people that maybe cant afford it.

Afford what? Participating in the event is free.
All the best guys! Happy chill gamming!
FlaxOfExile wrote:
Will I be completely useless to my team if I've barely played the game before?

Massive noob. Tried PoE in beta but Ultimatum was my first league where I've actually played properly.

Sounds fun to watch either way!

You can totally join, They try to balance the teams based upon how much you will play and know. We have some almost first time players. You will have a blast and learn so much especially if you are active on discord and in the voice chat. I would say just give it a go.

Also even if you just hit level 50 you will still get points for your team. I am planning on just farming crafting materials for my team to support the heavy pushers so they can just Boss or delve or whatever.
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I really like that you can't join the same team with your friends because you make new ones.
Why do you make 1st, 2nd, 3rd like 5000, 3500, 2500? Why not just 2500, 1000, 0?

It sorta discounts lower amounts of point gains from other sources the way you are doing it.

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