Badger Team vs Team Private League Event

Bring back flashbacks Granny Gear Games!
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Will this finally count for the Out of the Gate achievement? (reach level 8 in a race)
Looks like this could be fun!
BPL is sooo much fun! its the good old poe but totally different.. being in a big team change the game.. you dont play alone even if you're playing alone.. last league i've met a loooot of new ppl and learnt a lot of things.. highly recommended
Will I be completely useless to my team if I've barely played the game before?

Massive noob. Tried PoE in beta but Ultimatum was my first league where I've actually played properly.

Sounds fun to watch either way!
miss the good ol days of descent of champions or 1hr endless ledge I guess those would be rather boring now but not so sure.
MiguelFg wrote:
Melaviy wrote:
Streamers... Again...

I'm not a streamer and I was able to join all 3 past private leagues for free, so idk what the fuck are u talking about.

nice, also HOW????
skills Needs Rework:
Focus (need updated to current, using old mecanics)
Stormbind (very slow)
Spectral Shield Throw (no scaling)
Yeah it would be nice to know how for people that maybe cant afford it.
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I mean, I really like that you promote community organized events, but do you remember when we had actual real races? and we were promised more changes to the system so that you could race at any time of the day for example? is that ever coming back or will it forever be left in the past, part of the old GGG that actually cared?

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
Bring back trialmaster! or i mean add him to game! never seen him anywhere lol
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