We've just released a new kind of microtransaction into the store! The Cursor Pack features a variety of different cursor options inspired by the civilisations of Wraeclast; replacing the regular look of your cursor. We've also added a free high-contrast cursor to all accounts as an alternative to the current default cursor. You can access it through the cosmetics tab on your characters.

Check out the new cursors below or get yours here!

We have also updated the Void Weapon Skin to work with staves! If you already own the Void Weapon Skin, this update will now be in effect. Check out the updated video below to see the full range of Void Weapon Skins or get yours here.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Cursor mtx now?
Well, that's unexpected!

Since this is clientside only, can we get a customisable cursor mtx where we can import our own image files?
Saying it like this, it doesn't make too much sense that the UI is literally an MTX now... (not that I would be against a celestial health globe).
Last edited by Darkxellmc on May 11, 2021, 8:31:37 PM
Cursor pack? we're reaching activision levels really quick here..

What? $10 to change the skin of my own mouse click what the fuck?
Don't be a poe stan. Use your fucking brain.
Accessibility in PoE?

I'm listening...
why tho?
That's surprising
This better not break yolomouse

Edit: It broke yolomouse

Edit 2: Disable "Hover Cursor" under UI settings to fix yolomouse. Thanks Nav_GGG!
Last edited by Aughyssul on May 11, 2021, 8:30:57 PM
my thoughts are the same as everyone else reading this.. but why doe

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