3.14.1c Patch Notes

Similar problem here, blank screen with only the mouse icon. Running Manjaro with Proton Steam.
ty for path. my client is broken, i cant play after this path.
Game does not work.
someone record the issue and put on reddit

this is very bad alot of nerfs and now this , this un...
yep same broken. kde/steam proton
Excellent update! You can watch login screen for hours now!
So people who can't interact with the game

Are you running steam version?
Are you in Direct X rendering?
Are you running Win 7 or 8?

I check both these marks.

I wonder if the people working on this stuff just use a streamline system where all their computers are clones of each other.

It would be mind boggling if they aren't all using different hardware and software setups. If they are using the same machines that would be incredibly insane.
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i can't play after this path,
arrow the mouse is freezing the game
Maybe this helps:

If the mouse inside poe window its slow + low dpi,

if it on taskbar or other window the game looks normal
GGG: "Unfortunately we are not currently offering email Technical Support, due to limited staff resources. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause...we can assist you with any account, payment or microtransaction issues."

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Here new path guys! Update ur client ;)

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