3.14.1c Patch Notes

No fix for Celestial Toxic Rain mtx bug? Kinda unusable right now..
"Fixed an oversight where the Hateforge unique gloves were incorrectly applying to skills that were supported by totems, traps and mines, which allowed Vaal skills to be used freely with no cost or limit. We're currently trying to come up with a solution to allow these gloves to work with traps and mines again, if possible."

See, it wasn't a bug. It was a nice chase unique and y'all sort of ruined it because y'all didn't think we'd quickly figure out the most broken way to use it. Harumph.
IGN : Reamus
wish the trial master spawn rate would be increased or would actually show up only seen him 1 time...
mouse colour options when?
skills Needs Rework:
Focus (need updated to current, using old mecanics)
Stormbind (very slow)
Spectral Shield Throw (no scaling)
trialmaster spawn rate =[

Increased the size of the in-game cursor.

Best fix ever if you also add change color
Could we have the option to change the color of the cursor? Sometimes it gets lost in all of the magic effects.
Right right.. all good. Of course, there still being invisible mobs and animations are a tiny wee bit more important than all of these combined, huh.
maxtraxv3 wrote:
mouse colour options when?

OOoooohhhhh yes please!
Changing size would also be nice.
Game starts in black screen, only thing visible is the mouse cursor - that jerks around and stutters too, I hear the music in the background, but the "intro" doesn't play, and the main menu doesn't appear.

Before restart and patch, the game worked flawlessly.
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