Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

A quick submission, might work on it more :D
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so good!

I drew my elementalist :D
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Captain Fairgraves
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Greetings fellow Exiles,

I have been super inspired lately and decided to make another piece as a comment on the Ultimatum situation.

Apparently, even though the league is great one person isn't having as much fun as the rest of us... luckily TarkeCat might have a solution for them :D

I'm happy to give You "Chaos depression".

It was a blast to work on and I hope You guys like it :D

Stay safe and good luck in Wraeclast :)

my soap :D
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Chibi Nessa and Tsoagoth, The Brine King
The most toxic relationship ever, no spoilers <3
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Vinia aka Piety

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