Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

let's change the instance will ya?
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my crush tulina after zana of course haha i like here the model and scene is 3D model. cheers poe
Boneyardz wrote:

Hello, I don’t think stolen artworks are receivable, but I am thrilled to see that you love my work that much.

hey, your artstation is awesome.
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Greetings fellow Exiles,

it has been a while since I posted anything but I'm very happy to be posting again.

I found myself inspired by Raizqt's recent adventures and wanted to highlight a particular moment in Wraeclasts history. The emerging of the first Exile master surfer.

It is my great joy to give You "Exile surfing".

Hope You like it as I really enjoyed working on it.

Stay safe!

Kind regards,

P.S.:I might tweak it further in the following days or make a version 2 if that is indeed permitted

Poggers pic, dude..i was there on raiz reaction :) Nice artwork!
Indeed a great hommage artwork for the great streamer RaizQt! ...that tells everyone that surfing could also be where we expect it the least:)

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