Eyefinity / Surround UI centering support

It would indeed be nice.
As many others I would love to see this. Been using a two monitor setup for a while and would love to have more games supporting it fully.
I just started playing the game after years of d2 and that monstrosity of a game d3 i finally found a game that is a good successor to d2. but as other here i too have eyefinity setup running 5760x1080, i would also love to see a fix for the ui as that makes eyefinity near impossible to properly use.
The game scales flawlessly to eyefinity resolutions (which not even a lot of AAA titles can claim) literally just need to be able to centre UI to make playable.
Just to Necro this, as it is a VERY important thread:

I also would love this to happen as triple screen eyefinity makes staying alive..interesting at times. Frustrating to constantly look at the health orb all the way to the left. Also keep mana up proves difficult. Centralising the entire lower UI bar (health, spells, exp) would be ideal.

Even if there are only two positions "default" and "centralised" or even at a fixed centralised resolution would be better than how it is now.

Game looks great and plays well though - loving it.

Please make it happen Devs!
I would also love to see the centered HUD option - should be fairly simple to implement? :)
Putting my name down for this too.
I guess I'll bump this too. FIXPLZ!
centered UI would be awesome!
Bump for recognition!

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