Eyefinity / Surround UI centering support

Is there an official response somewhere?
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Is there an official response somewhere?


Bumping this for a hope for a response on if this will be implemented or not on the list. You just implement full integration of Twitch TV, this would take 1/10 of 1% of the man hours to implement this fix. Please give us an update.
bump. Any ETA on a fix? Really, 1.5 years go by and still no peep on such a simple fix?
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Hey devs! Your game looks great in Eyefinity and Nvidia Surround. Any plans to work on the UI centering issue discussed here? Any attention to this thread is greatly appreciated.
Here here. I'd love for the UI elements to be centered in nVidia Surround/Eyefinity mode. I find my self dying too many times because my health/mana are on the sides of my left and right monitors.
I would also love it to have a nice UI when i use my 5760x1200 setup :)

Come on that should not be that mutch work to fix the UI.
I agree wholeheartedly! Having the UI centred on super-widescreen would complete this game.
Please do it devs!
Hello all, i agree with you guys, i would love to see Path of Exile in eyefinity with the UI fixed on the center screen, kinda anoyying to read the logs/hp/mana etc on the left/right screens.

Thanks in advance!

Fix the UI, right now this game is only catering to the poor people. My GTX TITAN needs more pixels to process but with the broken HUD it's a no go.
Another person asking for support. It seems like such a simple fix. Please implement.

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