Eyefinity / Surround UI centering support

To those that say it is an unfair advantage, really? Who cares? Those people paid a lot of money to be able to support a new and exciting gaming experience for them. Not to mention what about people like me who only play by themselves anyway, what advantage to we gain other than maybe not dying do to jacked up camera angles. Let people who buy extra hardware enjoy the games they play the way they want to, especially if they are supporters of a free game. BTW I only play with one monitor.
I have been playing all weekend and the game is simply gorgeous. This game must be seen at 5760x1080 and 120 Hz (got 3 BenQ XL-2420T for 120 Hz Eyefinity). The animations are really smooth at 120 Hz, and with 3 7930 cards I'm always getting over 160 fps, more than enough for 120 Hz gaming.

But the lack of a centered hud is detracting from the experience, so once again...

I'm signing this thread. I play at 7680 x 1440 on a Nvidia GTX690. The game runs great, looks great and thank you very much for supporting native wide screen resolutions. Please finish the job by allowing players to center the UI and/or moving UI components (I'd prefer to have the health orbs just to the sides of the main screen).

For those saying this is an advantage, GGG has done a nice job to not allow your mouse to activate or target anything off the main screen, so the advantage is minimal. It's no different that someone playing this game on a 17 inch monitor vs. someone playing on a 30 inch. Also, 3 screens is the future of gaming. More and more people will be doing it. Many games now support it and it's expected to be supported in just about any game that comes out these days. Developers just need to catch up with the nuances of this resolution (i.e. customizable UI).
I would like to see this as well. Had to switch to 1 monitor because it was driving me crazy glancing to the left and back to the center.
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Also putting my req in for this. I've been lucky so far getting out of dodge when screen turns red / starts to dim, but luck can only last so long. Having my health at least on center screen would be sooooooooooooo great.
Another on the request train here. I would really appreciate the UI on the center monitor!
I support this request too! Between having to look left and right for hp and mana and sticking to 1 monitor, I prefer the extra hassle just because it looks so immersive on 3 monitors. However having the UI centered would be really awesome!
Please consider this request. I would LOVE to play this in triple wide, but the lack of centered HUD is putting me off of it.
Centered HUD would be nice.

I run 2x nvidia 680s and 4 monitors.

Cant play due to the health globe being to the far left.

Fix please.

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