Eyefinity / Surround UI centering support

multi monitor support would be nice. i have three monitors for eyefinity and im enjoying it so far. centering the hud would be awesome.
I just started playing, and its awesome that it supports my 6000x1080 setup. If the ui elements could be moved or centered, my neck would really appreciate it!
During the very first open weekend (pretty long time ago, yeah), when most of the developers were sitting online for two days in a row chatting with players, I've managed to attract Chris's attention and told him about this issue. Back then he said he noted this and will tell it to an appropriate developer. Guess that didn't happen or was deemed not important enough.

I played for a while in Eyefinity and loved the picture, but, as happened to most people here, my neck convinced me to switch to a single monitor and I'm a bit too lazy to try and get a definite answer. I'd say someone less lazy than me should open a thread in a different subforum (feedback? suggestions? bug reports?) - I don't think it's realistic to expect that developers are monitoring every thread in a "general discussion" forum... Of course, this original thread should be linked in that post.
Necrod in hopes of some centered UI option coming.... loving this game so far and its already beautiful on 3 monitors... if i could see my hp bar just a bit easier it would really pull it all together.
I would agree, the game is awsome, I just would not try playing on hardcore until the UI is centered on the middle monitor. I die a lot because I don't see my health without scanning way too the left.
Please! Surround Support!
I've stopped playing this game, due to multiple HC deaths to the fact that I can't see my health globe in plain sight (off to far left). Please update this, I would love to come back and continue playing this great game.
I would also like to see support for eyefinity/surround.

I had a look at the system files & textures, and it wouldn't take the developers long to implement a fix.

so I've decided to post pics for the those who have never seen eyefinity.

The lines separate the monitors.

please to let me center ui =-(
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Those saying "should be no support because it's an advantage", are we going to start limiting framerate and resolutions now? What is this? 2002 with Battlefield 2's constant bickering about whether or not 16:10 or 16:9 was a "cheat" for people who had widescreen monitors? Come the hell on.

Proper support for triple head would be great, as it is now, support for it is halfway there, which makes the whole of the support seem a bit worse.
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