The Sound of Path of Exile

Audio is killing it btw.

have you guys ever heard of aleatoric music before?
I bet you have.
Delirium ended...
But the Voices never did.
Fightmusician wrote:
I hope you all are well compensated for such amazing work. The sound in POE is above and beyond+++ thanks for sharing!

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Can't really enjoy sounds because it hurt my performance on games.

Already remove the sound effects quite a while ago. I think maybe 4 leagues ago?

sometimes the stutter really bad, and unfortunately I'm really need to turn off the sound effects for performance boost
Great sounds!
I missing for Adgio Hutchings music... You guys are probably working hard but sorry, no match with him.
fk archnemesis.
please tone down the extra effect on mavens voice, it gets really annoying fast
So Kane is in fault for fps drops if sounds are turned on xDD (joke)

Whats that vaal black hole thingy ! also pls remake cassia audio if possible. would never have noticed those water sounds unless mentioned . This is cool.
chaotic neutral
a_z0_9 wrote:
I'm wondering if they are happy with the Envoy design implementation.
Why does the voice lines simply ignore the distance to the NPC and never fade out?
Why does randomly encountered NPC have such absurdly long cues?

Whisper message sound, are they aware the sound exist and players sometimes are forced to hear it 100 times per minute. Does this ancient sound effect still matching their internal "quality" standards for the sound purpose?

"When he does show up, unlike nearly every other NPC in Path of Exile, the Envoy's voice plays at a level volume regardless of your distance from him. This was an intentional decision to set him apart, both from other NPCs and the land surrounding him."

I personally think it's because he's speaking directly into your mind, not actually making vibrations in the air.
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