The Sound of Path of Exile

TreeOfDead wrote:
pog yay

i love poe music! sound super cool and like to listen

only im askin add more sounds options to turn off minions sounds! zombie and spectres need to be disabled and some other sounds that wanna disable as they ruin atmosphere

100% agree
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Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
You know normally the sound team of a game is decent but really not to be celebrated since most people can do it, But in this case I'd say good job. The sounds for poe are a bit different and its one of the only games that i can actually enjoy its soundtrack too. Was it luck or skill? idk but chris would probably say its the latter, Myself i'd say you can't be skilled without having a fair ammount of luck from R.N.Geezus so keep up the good work. And make sure to send me all your autographs on a shirt thanks. -kingkatura ;p
Really like the way the "HALT!" in laboratory heist was done. It set the scene for some kind of german secret wwII lab facility. These kind of whimsy details pop out a lot in the game and I love these whenever I encounter them. Great job ; all of you.
So maybe you could fix all the sound bugs currently in the game? :P

Or the cluttering of so many sounds that make it sound scratchy for ones ears...
that was amazing to listen to. thanks for taking the time to introduce your sound masters :)
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