The Sound of Path of Exile

The only time I hear any sound effects in the POE is league start. Then I start going into maps, I get a lot of fps drops so the only option is to turn off sound effects which is a pity. I wish it was possible play with sounds turned on but it's just not.
The Heist mention made me remember the infamous FEAST WE SHALL lol.

Great work here!
Very cool I wish I could play poe with sounds. Have everything turned off in .ini file since legion league - music and sound effects are nice but "stable" 90fps(exactly 20fps higher than with ANY sound option having non-zero value) is way better :-)
too bad i didnt hear any of it since sounds tank game performance.
New map device incoming!
Yeah your sound stuff is great. but please put someone to work to equalize the volume for diffrent npcs. Syndicate members are way higher then most.
And Enemy voicelines are way low. i usually up the volume during bossfights like sirus and uber elder so i can hear their incoming slaps and what not. then after the fight i speak to a npc to sell stuff and my eardrums are blasted. please give it a lookover. and maybe a separate volume bar for Enemy voicelines. best regards Zoptar

You could add to the game a way to listen to any music track on any map you want, you have an option but you can only listen on hideout. For example I really like the sondtrack of the Betrayl and Abyss leagues and to hear these sondtracks when I am mapping I have to go to youtube. Think about it!!
Wish I can hear these sounds..but I lagged too much LUL
Shame that you have to completely disable sound in the config files in order to get a slight improvement in FPS. The only sounds I hear are loot drops.
~ Seph
Sunrise Wolf Pet. Is it intended to use its howl 20 times per minute?
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess

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