Community Designed Microtransaction - Theme Suggestions

Make the MTX give Cyclone stun immunity like it used to and still ought to have.
I'm too old for this shit.
Ancestral Cyclone. Instead of (or in addition to) the normal cyclone graphic while your character spins, four ancestral guardians whirl or dance around you, hacking everything to pieces.

Actually, that'd be kinda cool for an actual skill too, like a short ranged channeled summoning skill that summons four ancestral guardians while you channel it.
Cyclonist take cats for their tails and spin around!!!
Unicorns that spin around you that sprinkle on hit.
record player cyclone!

you spin me right round baby
+1 for tasmanian devil cyclone, That would be super dope.
armadillos curl up alot so that could maybe be something, i think that is a hard one though XD

perhaps some porcupine inspire? where the aoe are are constantly expanding and retracting black and white "needles?"
"porcupine cyclone" even got a decent ring to it XD
Nyan cat/ Rainbow rave Righteous fire please \(0_o)\
Circles within circles within circles. Circleception mtx.
Freeze Arc Mines Guide (3.14) -
Crowstorm. Bunch of crows that fly in a circle around you.

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