20 Users Banned for Exploit Abuse

Well done. Well done.
Was the idea to create increased damage and movement speed per poison on you, that you roll a map in which the enemies poison you and you don't become immune and take the risk or to become unaffected and self-poison?
I thought the very idea of PoE was finding interesting ideas, that surprise even those who created the mechanic.
How can one be sure if one plays good or abuses?
DieAbolicaL wrote:
if an exploit exists its on the devs not the players. bans are too harsh

Obviously you didn't see the video of [Cannot mention the streamer's name] using the exploit. It's absurd. They knew of it, and the rewards are ridiculous.

Honestly, a temp ban is not enough. They might as well have been duping items, with the amount of currency that was dropping. This wasn't just some minor exploit.
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Agree with you. They gave him priority so they must think that he is a good content creator and add something to poe community. He just abused an exploit knowing that it was broken. GGG was too merciful just banning for 1 league, I'ld ban him forever.
haxanator wrote:
The cancel culture has finally hit POE. Last league there were so many more exploits that ruined the economy and nothing happened. The only reason this happened is because [Removed by Support] is a target after his comments about stuff not being fair and the fail start that this league presented. Even though he was falsely banned a few years back for no reason (missing the first 5 days of a league start) and all he did was laugh about it. I don't watch him stream or anything and it doesn't matter, but going to call this out as I see it.

coming from someone who calls themselves "haxanator"
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This just blows my mind that there are people actually upset that they got temp banned for exploiting a mechanic knowingly for their own gain.
After looking at Grinding Gear Games public financial statement showing a $50 MILLION dollar profit last year, the pack I bought just before this league started will be the LAST red cent I give to GGG for a long time.

Financial Statement: https://bit.ly/3aqVoxP

Their entire payroll was ~3mil. Server costs totaled all of $6Mil. Profit? FIFTY MILLION.

$50,000,000 profit.

I've had enough of these ridiculous launches and a slap on the wrist for cheaters.

GGG, you have MORE than enough money to TRIPLE everyone's pay and STILL have a $44 million dollar profit.

Isn't that enough money to hire more testers or decide to pay for a higher quality testing firm?

It was a mistake to give you any more money. Fortunately, I actually learn from my mistakes.
Well I read through the financial statements and I'm impressed. GGG is a sweet little company throwing off many millions. Revenue from customers (you and me) was $108 million. I guess those are NZ dollars. So that would be $35 million US$ profit and about $76 million US$ from customers.

They certainly don't need my money.

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Xoseee wrote:
Nice PR stunt.

I've always been a fan of pretty much every GGG decision, but this I can't understand...

Banning the whole group for "exploiting" loot, when that's what everyone is trying to do when juicing maps. Also they were the ones testing and doing the bug reports, so they find the exploit, report it and get banned?

I've been looking at the twitch vod for +1h and, yes it's crazy loot, but it's not that much different from other "intended mechanics" that then get nerfed next league, or just hotfixed.

No, they found the bug and continued to use it (psst, that's when the term exploiting becomes valid), advertising it to others for others to exploit too.
I tried snorting coke once. The ice cubes got stuck up my nose.
thx ggg for work

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