The Apollyon Mystery Box

may the streams buy them plentifully...
superbomb1967 wrote:
lol u guys got nerve after that launch. never again spending another dime. ass licking streamers prolly get it free

Imagine being this mad over 1 bad launch, do you remember diablo launch hm? error 37 was nice. Shit like this is bound to happen, just go to sleep and it was fixed the next day anyways.

I support GGG for the overall game, not for a 1 time error.

Did I mention this game is free?
These effects look cool af! The designers did a great job!

Too bad I won't spend another centavo/pfinnig/penny supporting this company ever again, due to the HMFIIC showing himself who he really is.....
"We tell people that Path of Exile league starts are a fair playing field for everyone, and we need to actually make sure that is the reality."

Blatant lie by the HMFIIC.
Perhaps Tencent should consider a leadership change.
Melaviy wrote:
I don't think you deserve our support this time.

"our" support? You dont have any pack...
Funny how people that are complaining dont even have the first blood support pack lol. I must say I was very dissapointed with the prio thing but you cant judge GGG for 1 time error given that they are doing things right for about 10 years.
The Darkshard looks amazing. Not a fan of mystery chests though...
Diablo 2 Resurrected has opened up their Beta opt in. No release date yet, but it'll be nice to have something better than Path of Exclusion to waste money on. In the mean time, enjoy your mystery box hideout decorations!
Makkiee wrote:
Melaviy wrote:
I don't think you deserve our support this time.

"our" support? You dont have any pack...

I don't think they deserve OUR support.

Anyone saying that a free game is above criticism is a buffoon. Their money grubbing is in incredibly poor taste and your white knighting of their money grubbing is in even poorer taste.
Looks great... but this launch really sht... feels bad man
Suum cuique
Money talks. Mine says "too many bad decisions"

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