The Apollyon Mystery Box

not bad BUT prev box gave me WAAAAY too many copy and bad cheap mtx... so dunno if worth buy new box or not...
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I like the combined set, and the cat! But won't be purchasing anything.
Too early after that super bad start, GGG.
*It's fixed Seeya !*

zero communication after that


Not sending the best message here.
OhSpyder wrote:
Won’t buy because of harvest...I want to but just can’t

Boo hoo!

Harvest is not dead FYI. Its still there.
Im glad it got nerfed because I want to play the game rather than stand inside for an hour because the crafts go to waste if I dont use them all.
i thought after this start we get a free mysteri box "atleast" :D
well guess what .p
Lightbringer and Apollyon looks really nice.
3.14 - Removed Harvest from the game.
So I've paid almost 600€ on this game, but then you chose to go with fucking Tencent who's supporting Labor-Camps in China.

Now you've decided to make a 2-Class society in this game for your own interest, so all I can say atm to you is

From Hunter and Gatherer,
to Role-Playing Games
No thank you. I'll get multiples of something shit.
Big up to Jeff and the console team.
İts look very nice please make supporter packs better like this

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