The Apollyon Mystery Box

I suppose I will wait for next league to get the golden set, love the wings of the golden one, but between the servers and the joke that harvest, self curse and deep delve has become... I really don't wanna support the game at least untill harvest is changed to something decent
kayle and morgana poe crossover.
hmm, dont sets from this box, portals, ho deco, skill effects and weapons looks good on other hand.
I usually spend my money on your loot boxes, but your company made so much wrong things last time.

Prioritizating streamers over regular players and making shady business having prepared tools to adjust their gameplan and also the preying on gambler addicts with these loot boxes, I have to stop my support until the problems are solved.

Edit: Also, Darkshart, really??
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We should have gotten at least one free box because of the terrible league start...
There'd be so many possibilities if these building supplies were sold in bulk :(
📜My hideout thread :
Everything in it is amazing! good job best box!!
When do the previous box contents drop into the store??? Still waiting... :(
Can GGG revers models form Darkshard Totem Skin to Darkshard Curios?

Please God give me More Money!

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