The Apollyon Mystery Box

Brainyy wrote:
hekate1 wrote:
Will spend extra to spite the crybabies. Dank sets.

Why do every have to love the prio? atleast admit its controversial. the mentality that you have to love every decision they make or you're a crybaby is so dumb... keep simping if that's what you want, but let people show their frustration... it's a good thing to hold them accountable and not throw money their way no matter what.

His comment has nothing to do with you liking Prio or not the Crybaby's he is talking about are the Boy's and Girl's that believe or care about Streamer RNG just because GGG had a slip up after spending thousands of Dollars on Streamer's that had Contract's to promote the Game but couldn't cause of Server issues so they implemented Prio. [GRANTED the DUMBEST way to fix the Problem but GGG are just Humans and Humans make Mistakes]

The Sets look pretty good but aren't my cup of Cappuccino so I won't spend much this time around sry GGG.

You see this is what i agree with, as well as one guy who said just be mature and don't buy it, but stop constantly spouting hate. Yeah they made a really bad choice, and yeah they should have repercussions for it, but they fully own up to their bad choice and quickly regretted it, it's not like they are proud of their choice or stick to it in any way. They are people, they were in a panic situation and therefore made a really rushed and poor decision. I absolutely do not mind people choosing not to support them financially for a time or even forever, that's their choice, but seeing half the comments just be people deriding them for their decision just makes me sad. They already feel like shit for it, whether people realize that or not, we don't need to make it worse
Also while i do understand the whole "if they lied about this, what else are they lying about" thing, but they didn't lie about this. They did it openly and immediately admitted to it. Just poor decision making in a stressful situation, i don't believe it to be reflective of their general mentality
Reminds me of an early 2000s mmo aesthetic, except in hd.
Bought some chests and got 3x in a row the white cat - So the whole thing is also no real fun .____.
How about fixing league first Chris?
SheephunterZ wrote:
Imagine being this mad over 1 bad launch, do you remember diablo launch hm? error 37 was nice.

Sure do. I also remember not playing the game anymore in general, requesting a refund, not getting any, and proceeding to wish the Blizzard team the worst on the forums and not buying any of their products going forward. You seem to think people just forget. For all the jabs GGG has given Blizzard they have done a million fuckups themselves. They have no right to taunt them at this point. At least they have a stable engine that doesn't crash or break down when there's a bunch of enemies on the screen.
not buying after the nerf to harvest! i dont want support a game which is based only on RNG and helps only 0.01% of gamers, so you love streamer so much? ask them money not me!
Don't worry you are guaranteed to get a 30 point item back at least the value it cost.

What they don't say is you will get the same item over and over which makes its value 0. Because in 2021 these devs can't let you combine duplicates for a random mystery box or just not give you a duplicate.

This makes mystery boxes a scam or con job.
Considering how you showed us exactly how much our support is valued the past weekend I'll take a hard pass on any and all future support.
Need 25 coin price
OhSpyder wrote:
Won’t buy because of harvest...I want to but just can’t

This, right here. 100%.

Y'all seem to forget that Harvest was killed because the streamers didn't want their BiS gear challenged, so they used their influence on GGG to make them kill it off. Shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone they get significantly better drops and server queues.
I'd rather have no Harvest and the hope it one day returns in glory than this trash.
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