Ultimatum Launch: Server Issues and Streamer Priority

"The backstory is that we have recently been doing some proper paid influencer marketing, and that involves arranging for big streamers to showcase Path of Exile to their audiences, for money. We had arranged to pay for two hours of streaming"

We call this Karma, Chris. And Empyreans people did get paid too? And he still can threaten viewers, players and africans like sh*t? And you dont even care about this??
RPGee auf Youtube. Deutsche PoE Beginner-Guides und mehr.
Best moment is Shroud quittin after another DC rollback . Lol 20k viewers .

Hope he wasnt paid what a nice marketing strategy :)
Thank you for taking your time and clearly communicating with us and being honest.
League reset?
Dont Forgot to Restart the complete League then Thanks
All of this couldn't have been easy for you, I'm glad you are hanging in there.

Take my energy, GGG!
Keep up the work, sending all my positive energy towards you guys!
This happened to other games on release day. You guys lasted for 10 years or so w/o running into such issues. Keep up the good work.
no league reset after all this or what?

i dont get it

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