Ultimatum Launch: Server Issues and Streamer Priority

Yeah still done with this game, really unsatisfying response to streamer issue.
"We will also plan future marketing campaigns with contingencies in mind to better handle this kind of situation in the future."

May i understand this as "hide unpopular choices from public" ?!

I bought supporter packs to support development of the game, not to fund paid priority actors. This is so sad...
I would hope you ban those who abuse the guild-stash dupe the entire league.
As I can see people just showed on stream, its still working to dupe.

Or a complete reroll to a fresh league launch when you have a fix.
So we're waiting...

Прежде чем просить разработчика free-to-play игры решить Ваши проблемы с производительностью - убедитесь в том, что с Вашей стороны сделано всё возможное для комфортной игры.

Ждун озвучки 2.6|3.0|.1|.2|.3|.4|.5|.6|.7|.8|.9|.10|.11(лёд тронулся?)|.12.13.14...
Thanks for the Inside, hang in there. I hope you can solve it soon. I was also pissed yesterday but i can understand the decision to let the Streamers in.
Fck the streamers. I want to play this game by myself.
Fix and reset !
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Thank you for fixing.
But my only question is when i could play the game as usual.
restart ligue!
I love how everyone is complaining about f*cked up economy and so on, I bet none of you are part of the 0.1% who are making mirrors on week one. You can completly join a league at week 2 and still make a HH in 4-5 days so don't worry it's not the 5h advantage some player had that will change anything

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