Content Update 3.14.0 -- Path of Exile: Ultimatum

Nerfed global aura effect again. -36% aura effect. That is 189% less aura effect from heist nerf. What the heck lol.
Only cowards play minions build.
CRT+ F "Bloat Tabs"

Returned zero results

Noting on updating the PAID FOR stash tabs for all the old bloat that STILL has no place holders!!! geeeeez
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
Sadge Carrion Golem
PatchNotes wrote:
Hailrake can once again one-shot you from off screen.

We're back, baby!
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1°) Ctrl + F vaal cyclone
2°) Still locks you in place without being cancelable
3°) Still unplayable since 2014

Thanks for balancing, it was dying for numeric changes !

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This was a massacre
Where is juiced farm? No beyond, no delirium. Harvest nerfed so hard it's added to map device for 12c.

Guess ppls will farm HH's from Kitava half of the league haha.
EratheiL wrote:
So people that still defend GGG have stockholm syndrome because for 3 leagues now they nerfed and nerfed to the point most of the thinks are now obsolete and they come back everytime. This nerfes will not affect the 1% top players and never did affect them since they exploit the game like group play or bots.
This nerfes will not stop here and you bet they will nerf more next league.
Also since manifesto post GGG started damaging control and are removing people comments. So much for Chris Wilson and his transperency when people gets shut down and censored when Chris and his rabid defenders don't agree with criticism.
Get your facts straight people:You are not on the same level with Chris Wilson and he doesn't care an ounce for you. GGG is a company and all they care is money and nothing else.

If they cared about money they would not destroy endgame like this, back to stale 2 weeks leagues
Will existing Elder-influenced axes be affected the change (60% chance 100% more bleeding damage mob removed)? Or they will be legacy items?

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