Content Update 3.14.0 -- Path of Exile: Ultimatum

Path of Nerfing: Ultimatum
woops we back to 2015 meta again LUL

ty GGG
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A bigger problem here is the placeholder feel of this whole "league." Everything about this league feels phoned in and rushed.

The ultimatum really does seem to be a watershed moment for the community where a certain type of psychology is being purged and replaced with a more profitable one.

The terms of service for instance read like "you agree to be my slave for all time, and I'm taking everything you own, no limits for me ever on anything, ha ha you agree or I take your account, unless some government stop me or whatever."

It's like they fully expected a massive uproar and wanted to shore up defenses just incase it became a full fledged uprising (like class action lawsuit since a lot of the community here is deeply invested, like thousands of dollars.)

It seems to me that a big part of GGG's plan here is to literally replace their player base prior to poe 2. That would certainly make fiscal sense for them. New people means new stash tabs, and they've already admitted that's the cash cow. But most of the people pissed off already have all the tabs they need.

The feel of the whole game changed abruptly for me recently. I only played the last half of ritual because atlas changes, and for the first time in 7-8 years I'll be skipping a league to stay in standard because the atlas grind is just too much for me.

But that's the goal right? To run players like me off, you get all your money at the front of the league or just before it anyway I bet, best thing then is run everyone off in a couple weeks to keep server costs low but not piss them off bad enough to stop spending next cycle?

Just rambling some thoughts before bed here.
Years of progress for making the game good... Ruined...

How do you justify giving the player end game content that incentivizes them to actually play it and then just take all of it away after years of conditioning them to be used to it? Are they under the impression that this game is Magic the Gathering where they just nerf everything every other week to "spice things up" ?

What does it say about this game if the only chase unique that anyone cares about (Headhunter) is from 5 years ago and even that they are holding back on nerfing?

The very things you are getting rid of, are the reason that people liked your game in the first place...

People don't want to be slowed down in a game that is meant to make you feel powerful and they are doing everything just to counter this. When is it enough?

This is all that I got out of the patch notes:
Delve removed, Bestiary removed, Harvest removed, Delirium removed, quality of life from vendoring Perandus coins that no one cared about ever for scrolls of wisdom removed, explode chest (one of the only saving grace items that makes the game enjoyable) essentially ruined. You thought Synthesis maps were rare as it was from drops? Don't worry, because now you can't get them from Zana either, better yet, why bother with the original 3.6 system? It's not like others have been asking for it to be brought for years now. QoL for atlas missions from Awakening level gone. Self curse hh ruined. "Fractured items no longer have a visual effect applied to them." WHY? WTF was even the reason for this!? Now if you want to fracture a fishing rod and have it show a cool glowing effect from the facture you can't anymore? You ever come to think that this glowing effect was actually cool and no one asked you to change it? But no, it was a necessary change apparently. And there's so much more that it hurts to even write. But don't worry, to compensate for all this, we have some minor previous content improvements that people are definitely excited for.

It's like they can't handle the fact that their expansions from the past do not hold up to today's standards and so instead of making something new or improving upon it, they want to force you back into content that people will still not care about. How can people care about these "buffs" to previous league content if it will never come close to what Harvest and the other content they are getting rid of gave players?

After these changes, how will anyone in their right mind play leagues anymore? You would have to be a complete masochist to play leagues at this point.

I don't know what to even say anymore tbh, beyond disappointed in all of these changes.
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Did they just kill self-curse temp chains HH for good ?
xPiranha wrote:
SppokyVega wrote:
Last patch my bleed Bow gladiator lost ~10% Damage. This patch another 10% because you deleted a bleed cluster on tree. And for the increased "blood and sand" mana reservation I need a replacement. Spend points into mana res nodes. On top of it the deleted "100% more damage with bleeding" mod on Bow. It's unlikely that it will be replaced with a 300% over time multi. Don't know if there is more. Harvest Gear is also not even a thing now. We are looking at a build that has 4kk to 10kk Boss dps with Puncture. With Assailum Snipe, glass cannon and Mirrorgear 35kk Boss dps maximum. Don't you think that is total overkill?

Think its time to scrap that bleed bow glad.

Yeah... A few people in my guild had a lot of fun with bleed-bow gladiators last league. I wanted to try it as a league starter, maybe with ballistas.

Guess I'll check my second and third choices for league start. I wanted to do a proper miner anyway...
Uninstalled buhauhauhauhauha
VigilanteCat wrote:
Yorouichi wrote:
KOLACIC1 wrote:
This is so disappointing to read. U grind for months to create a perfect rare item!!!! And than a mod from it is removed! So disappointing really!

U mean for hours/days? Bcs with last league harvest even my dog could make perfect item every week.

Says the guy with 0 perfect items.

Says the guy who doesn't know it is possible to delete your dead character in standard league, and take same name for a new character. And by changing topic u just confirmed youre lying about months, thx.
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Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill, with a 8 second Cooldown (previously 4 seconds)

Not following this...this ability has been in the game for many leagues, and now all of a sudden it has to get 50% nerfed? WTF..i liked triggering some spells, on a already slow bases (which actually didnt do that much damage, but just FUN)

No longer causes you to Lose 5 Rage when you Hit an Enemy, no more than once every 0.3 seconds.
Now causes Skills to cost +3 Rage.

Why nerf it like this? Now builds that do alot of attacks per second have NO USE for this at all anymore.

Really not happy GGG.
StrikeNine wrote:
Uninstalled buhauhauhauhauha

Nooooo, whyyyy?
What a loooose... RIP

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