Game Balance in Path of Exile: Ultimatum

Good manifest.
Thank you GGG for the hard work.

So much burning, I like that.
Sooner or later people are going to learn to keep their mouths shut when they find a good build. Find something you can live with and hope a youtuber doesn't find out about it.
I so love the hate for nerfs and the fact that you ppl say I’m skipping this league but you don’t :)) one thing to understand this is a free to play game it is your choice to play or not and your choice to buy mtx or not
meumaxu wrote:
Dickbag49 wrote:
I played HC every league up until Delirium (since PoE memory leaks hard and is not optimized for HC), I can confidently say that people who defend these nerfs are so brainwashed and prob only map on evasion chars.

i've been playing every single league since 2013 and i support all these nerfs... And i hope mines get a big nerfhammer tomorrow it would be the final cherry on this beautiful cake that GGG made.

wow, finally someone at GGG who plays the game
Aim_Deep wrote:
Power creep was getting out of control. Like Mathil said we signed up for a hard game not diablo 3 and paragon 500 in 3 days... so all these nerfs should be welcome by all.

Damn, alot of sookingshiz tho.
This is to much, seems no one in GGG plays poe, be real!
Self curse why!?
well the nerfs are ok but why this change in the flesh and stone? :(
i got a almost perfect gear (and with this helmet)
and was in the limit of mana
now i guess need find cluster jewel with mana reserved (very very rare)
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nadnerb wrote:
Idiots saying pog so cringe you didn't read anything

Yeah, first of all, people that type gibberish such as pog, kekw, etc, need shooting. Secondly, typing that within 30 seconds of a giant manifesto being uploaded, is just pathetic, clearly they hadn't read anything.

This. All that "pog" "kekw" s**tposting must be eradicated. Damn twitch kids.
So far I can see many "PRO" players say that GGG has made a good POG on this game "balance" list (nerfing list in my opinion). I think GGG just want to keep those "PRO" players play POE and leave rest of the normal/casual players out of the Path.

Forgot one thing, I quited POE since last "game balance", and my friend just told me that even I am not playing the game, my old builds still get nerf.

To the one that saying "even GGG nerf your build in the next league, and the fact that you ppl say I’m skipping this league but you don’t", please listen, SORRY, YOU ARE WRONG, I REALLY DON'T!
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macacodoido32 wrote:
Jesus, stop fucking whinning !

These balance changes and nerfs are amazing ! Finally, long overdue.

And guess what, everything is and will still be viable.

(only thing missing is minions getting nerfed altogether)

And to those saying they're gonna quit or whatever, good riddance see you

people who wholeheartedly agree with nerfs are unsurprisingly the ones with mediocre gear and who only play 1 build.

oh right, that's you!

Mediocre gear ? lol
I bet the gear on my main in ritual is worth more than all your characters combined...

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