Game Balance in Path of Exile: Ultimatum

when it's all about nerf and entire forum think it's epic af to deserve a praise

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darkforce1985 wrote:
when it's all about nerf and entire forum still think it's good af lol

Well tbh, I guess we still love the game and the idea. We whine every time they nerf stuff.
Hasn't stopped anyone from playing yet. Sucks to see some of the nerfs but at the end of the day it iiiz what it iiizz
i think GGG should make st can store harvest craft to trade; im cheated buy many person who has awakened service provider on TFT... r/a st with out any change...
In my opinion, if GGG listened their players, PoE will be an excellent game. Imagine this heavy nerfs, but harvest intact. AMAZING!

But nope, thanks GGG, now i think we need to split off.
See all in POE 2 maybe better nerfs, dead game....
So many nerfs... I don't get it. Anyway I want to feel powerful and enjoy the game, chill when I play. If I can't find a fun build to play I will move on simple enough. Hopefully ggg knows what there doing?

So is Mind over Matter not getting nerfed? I think I remembered seeing it here unless it was edited out.
ei GGG, you know what this game need to nerf??


Netrx wrote:
hyyyben wrote:
Netrx wrote:
U guys doing the worst game balance i ever seen.

For players who like this nerf just letting you know, people like and play PoE JUST bcoz PoE gives them a way to do crazy stuff (and poe is the only legit ARPG). So player still playing bcoz noone offer something like that to them and IF! PoE stand inline with other ARPG's or some other game offer that fun to players (like mb D4) then PoE will die instantly.

P.S. I like PoE, and wanted it rise and grow. But they don't even change UI in PoE 2. There is again Buff in one side, hp in other and mana in 3rd. This is totally stupid... Game Devs are out of their minds in my opinion.

Youre insulting the devs, and youre not bringing anything constructive to the table.
Be constructive, otherwise you easily come of as a brat :/

I was constructive a lot of time Emailing them directly, and most of the time i've got answers like "We are not planning this yet" (for example, problem with scummers). I have a lot of things to constructively bring to them, but there is no one to listen me. That's the problem

Scamming is not possible in poe, since you have all the time in the world to check the trade before youre accepting it.
Har4vest crafting services, is out of GGG's hands.
I can't really pinpoint it, but it seems to me, there is room for more... balancing changes.

Have you considered either of the following;

Introduce a 3 second cooldown on using either right or left click on the mouse
- we are not all capable of clicking fast

Make it mandatory to pick-up 750 wisdom scrolls to progress in between acts
- makes us appreciate the environment more and levels the field for speedrunners

Implement a random oneshot mechanic for everyone especially HC
- It's only fair we get to experience a little variety, DC'ing is getting old

Remove the ability to regen and regen life on hit
- we have life flasks for a reason


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