Game Balance in Path of Exile: Ultimatum

Not thrilled with manifesto, or challenge league rewards.
I will still play, however my monetary investment into the game will be dampened.
P̯̹̙̥̉̏ͦͯA̠̝̰̣̯͕͚̲̭͈̥̠͑̓̿ͦ̾ͯ̍ͅͅȚ̜̦͕̞̞̠̮͎͔͙͔̺̺͉̟̿̿̏ͬ͛͋̍ͮ̌̚H̹͕͚̟͍̘̤̱̻̬͓̬̮̫̦͖̳̹ͮͨ̒̉ͮ̿̈ͪ̇̿͆ͭ̃ͭ̃ͭ̚ ̲̫̞̤͓̳͑ͬ̾͌ͯ͐͂̿͗ͨ͋͑̍͐͗̾̄O͕̮̻͔̳̠͉͖̳͖͈̻͇͈̣̙̪͈ͨ͐̒̽ͣ̋ͅF̣͎̞̞̯̝ͦ͌̆ͥ̈͐̾ͣ̔ͮ̐̀̏ͪ̚ ̟̩͙̙̩̮̻̼ͬ͑ͥͦ͗̿E̼̭̩̜͕̱̤̭̞͖̳͍̝̤̼͓̗ͩͫ̌ͬ̊̋̄͑͗̽X͕̰̪̱̲̩̙̦͓͓̯̠̤̝̝̯̣̥̀̋̌̍̚Ȉ̖̟͔̩̝̊̿ͪͅL̺͓̻̰̀͋̅ͮͧE̎̑͆̏

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Shotslol wrote:
Fun detected

Fun detested
xRev703 wrote:
I love every change, zero complaints.

As for the one's raging....few things...

1) You have no idea what values were changed and by how much. Even if it's a 10% nerf to a skill gems like on carrion golems, it's still fine. Summoners are still good.

2) You also have no idea how big or small the reworks are other then general announcements made. So Endgame grinding can flip to be great at other activities.

3) If you are claiming they aren't in touch, all of these changes were justified by how powerful each of these were. I even knew within a couple of weeks harvest was going to get hit and get hit hard. When I spent 80% of my league play time CRACKED OUT on harvest, it's too good, too easy, too accessible with ZERO RISK and other activities were too poor, which is why the rework is hitting. You weren't spending currency for these harvest crafts, you only kill a couple of monsters for FREE stuff with a 10% chance in haewark and what 11% in proxima for a harvest. Harvest is still going to be powerful you just haven't seen it yet unless they nerfed/removed more things, but it's definitely not dead as of now and be a reliable way to still make some pretty good gear. Deterministic crafts for influence cant be done but doesn't mean you can't do it with other methods. Or craft powerful gear deterministically (aka non influenced or....Synthesized Gear which to my knowledge isn't an influence.)

Also with harvest as far I know, you could still awakener orb double suffix or prefix influence modifiers and hope to miss the 3rd filler slot and just block craft the 3rd spot, then roll suffix or prefix while retaining the other to get some strong rolls. There are plenty of opportunities out there.

So I encourage everyone to just wait until patch notes, plan on what you think will be viable, and have a goal on how to achieve it. Stop saying the sky is falling when it's clearly not. Pick a skill (even if it's nerfed) and figure out the best way you think you can scale it, if you struggle, research it abit. I was extremely profitable without fracture mapping or deep delving. (over 1500-2000 exalts worth of gear + flat currency) Which is more then enough for whatever I want by about 6x. I know I'll be fine this league. If you want to leave cause you can't adjust....well....that's on you. I enjoy and love a good challenge/change. The only thing is performance and as long as any new details/graphical changes doesnt impede my performance, I'm happy. Which Ritual had quite a few for the first few weeks.

THANK YOU! Was getting so frustrated seeing all the tears, although its nothing new but I just wanted to respond and say very well said and thank you for saving me time this is spot on!
I dont know what things are worth. I don't trade. But this chest allowed me to do deli 6s. And glad to see it not able to be made in future.
Git R Dun!
day0620 wrote:

Skipped previous league, seems, skipping this too.
Better will go to play slormancer.
I really just don't get it, it just feels like GGG is into Indian giving, one minute we get fun, fast, and strong mechanics that fit the meta they've pushed on us. Then right after they take it all away with a bunch of nerfs, whether it be big or small, its just down right not good balancing. Disappointed as per usual. I get Chris has the ideal aarpg themed idea, but continues to go against it with every game update.

P.S Welcome Back On Death Effects..
Finally got my finger on what's wrong with this manifesto.

Nerfs to balance is good. A game like PoE, when it is balanced, it offers billions of differents way to play (builds, mechanics, crafting, delve, beasts, etc...) So nerfs/buffs are good when they are well done.

But what makes this one really bad is not a nerf of items or builds or mechanics, but the nerf of FUN. Either they deleted some endgame content, or they make it sooooooo unappealing that only the 0.1% players will play/tryhard

The nerfs I don't like among the ones they announced is the nerf of fun really. Buying 5 delirium orbs every, rolling the map to have a particular (and if anyone has the courage, craft 35% qual + sextant use); and all that for EVERY SINGLE MAP, is just a nerf of fun that was not really breaking the game.
I'm sorry but farming T16 is NOT FUN past the first week. Doing 140 trades (which means carzyllions of buy propositions) a day to do 20 maps is NOT FUN.

The only fact that they decided to remove/cripple endgame content (that was there for more that a league) makes me really sad and frustrated since it was the funniest to play/watch for me...

Let's hope the minor QOL they annouced for previous leagues mechanics is not all they did...
nerfs are all well done and necessary to keep the game health and fun!

Good job GGG we all love you!
welcome to path of trading!

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