Celestial Toxic Rain Effect

Very often big white squares appear at the location of spores.
Last bumped on Jun 24, 2021, 8:14:34 PM
I'm seeing these boxes as well. My own skill is flash banging me!
Me too, I couldn't use this effect because of flash
Same here. Changed to the Night Lotus Toxic Rain effect to see if its happening with others but it was fine. Only seeing these white boxes with Celestial Toxic Rain
same here. a texture / effect loading bug i assume. I hope they will be able to fix it considering everything else goin on right now
same here, please fix it ggg
Same here PLS FIX
White squares for me too. Please fix this soon. Would like to use the effect and not ask for a refund.


Same here!
I'm having the same issue - boxes seem to increase in frequency when you have multiple explosions occurring rapidly in a small area.

Video of the bug in the wild:

Capture is really emphasizing the effect - on my screen, the boxes last maybe a single frame or two... but it's enough to be giving me a headache.

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