[ 3.20 ] KissMeQuick's 💀 Assassin Reap 💀 — T16 100% No HH 💸 1 Shot Sirus in 1 Click 💸 Feared Done

IcedFirefly wrote:
I can't find the Doedre gloves in Crucible trading, are they not in this league??
If so, which one could be a good replacement?

It was mentioned earlier in this thread to use Atrizi's Acuity as a replacement.
Be careful to get a Thread of Hope with a very large ring - the guide has an error about the ring size.
Lifetap Hatred doesn't work any more, I also heard.
With the life mastery changes for Crucible, only the +50 life mastery is useful. The others have no benefit.

I'm currently running T10-14 maps and have been really enjoying this build so far. I'm using Eye of Chayula instead of +1 gems amulet, makes me die much less often, with Lunaris major god and Heartseeker anointed until I can afford Aul's and a Vulnerability-corrupted Acuity.

Edit: I finally got Vulnerability Acuity and Pride Aul's but I must say mapping and delve with Chayula felt so good I swapped one of my jewels out for a 20 + 20% stun avoidance abyss jewel and took Perfectionist for 100% stun avoidance.

Edit 2: Running T16 maps with exarch influence, I decided to take Master of Blades while mapping but with the mastery on 60% reduced reflected damage taken alongside soul of Yugul for 110% reduced physical reflect and 30% reduced curses. Major soul I'm still using Lunaris for the projectile and chain avoidance swapping into Arakaali for big poison/chaos/dot as needed. I also took Mystic Bulwark with Mana Mastery(Reservation efficiency) to help reserve mana with aspect of the spider and not having to swap gems to lvl1 version for bossing. I managed to craft a ring with vulnerability on hit which let me swap glove implicit for % life.

Edit 3: Running T16 maps juiced made me need to add more damage. I swapped a jewel for a spell damage large cluster jewel, and 2 %life small cluster jewels(Fettle is ideal, Towering Threat and Blessed are good, Surging Vitality likely does NOT work with Atziri's Acuity - might use with Hands of the High Templar or Entropic Devastation). I also swapped out reflect immunity[Phys mastery and Yugul] for damage and chaos resist[phys dmg with life skills and Shakari] since chaos res is not currently capped and I don't have poison resist/immunity. Still using Lunaris almost all the time. Running Annihilation side instead of Blast Radius side of path, and dropped Enigmatic Reach since I have lots of AoE already.

Dropped the mana mastery for a life mastery of skill 30% mana cost -> life cost to try using Arrogance-Pride and Zealotry instead of Determination, and staff mastery critM instead of life recovery.
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I always want to try these builds, but they are always 2314235 divines.

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