Ritual Ends Soon

I dont need "unfinished challenges" thats just not me. What I need to finish is influenced rares before y'all nerf the shit out of harvest:P
My name is Arthur, and the North Remembers!
Nice, waiting for announcement.
New supporter packs HYPE !!!
R*** n*****
Goodbye Harvest old friend, you will be remembered.
21st ? why so late omg

21 is for consol.
16 is for pc
Ritual was a blast !
Coffee & Cigarettes
RIP Crafting forever, the single best league in history.
So Ultimatum is the new league name?
It's ok to be white
Scarface335 wrote:
The Ritual League ends on PC on Monday April 12th at 2PM PDT, so this is your last week to complete any unfinished challenges. On consoles, the Ritual League will end when the Ultimatum expansion goes live on April 21st PDT.

When the league ends, the exclusive Ritual Brimmed Hat will also leave the store forever! Be sure to check it out if you want to show your support for the league.

Did they just leak the new Expansion name there ?

They leaked it back on March 24th with the new league teaser, fifteen seconds into the video.

Praimsara wrote:
wexe wrote:
Pls dont nerv Harvest and fix fractured maps and atlas passives instead thx.

I agree, nerfing Harvest that benefits all players is not the solution

Nerfing Fracturing of 5x Deli Unlimited Sextant maps
Nerfing Split Beast 6 Link 6 White or All-White 30% bases in general, nerf that

Nerf the Wealth of the top % of players who abused Harvest in short time.

That is the better solution you over looked.


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