The Ritual League ends on PC on Monday April 12th at 2PM PDT, so this is your last week to complete any unfinished challenges. On consoles, the Ritual League will end when the Ultimatum expansion goes live on April 21st PDT.

When the league ends, the exclusive Ritual Brimmed Hat will also leave the store forever! Be sure to check it out if you want to show your support for the league.

Don't forget to tune into the livestream announcement for our 3.14 expansion on Thursday April 8th at 1PM PDT over at to find out about all of the exciting updates coming to Path of Exile. You will also get your first look at Path of Exile 2 since ExileCon so make sure you don't miss it! In case you need a reminder on what we've revealed so far, check out this post.

We'll see you at the announcement!
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Grinding Gear Games
Looking forward to seeing what the new league has to offer.
IGN RighteousRom LvL-100 Juggernaut
Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
patch notes when?
The North Remembers
Persistence makes impossible possible, possible likely and likely definite. Yep, Mirror will drop eventually -_-
i want new league
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
Pls dont nerv Harvest and fix fractured maps and atlas passives instead thx.
100 proof bourbon

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